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  • JeDi Awards 2019
    5.1K 257 14

    A fun awards with some twists and surprises, join in on the action and have a look inside. Submissions close 28 Feb 2019. Judge based contest, cover contest, and some fun with nominations and tag challenges.

  • JeDi Book Club
    2K 117 19

    Come and join our JeDi Book Club. Rounds last two weeks during which you will only have to review three chapters. Nice and easy. However, we expect excellent quality feedback, since what goes around comes around :smiley: We also aim to encourage writers to reach those word count goals-more on that in our guidebook.

  • Christmas Carol Adventure
    926 241 27

    Ho-ho-holy fudge! The festive season is here and we - over here at @JeDi_Academy are up to snow good... Hopefully, there won't be any scary visits from ghosts, but there will be a lot of other fun stuff you can enjoy with us! That will include lots of delicious food, fun facts, Christmas carols, popular books, movies...

  • JeDi Guidebook
    770 145 9

    Everything you wanted to know about @JeDi_Academy. Check it out and see if you want to form part of our book club.