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  • flower boy ❁ stanlon
    13.5K 591 21

    when a shy boy gets caught picking flowers at the local derry farm, he accidentally meets the love of his life

  • Brothers (IT x The Goldfinch)
    1.1K 49 8

    Richie and Boris, half brothers but look like twins. They share the same dad but have different moms. Boris is a year older than Richie which makes him 15. Boris had to live with his dad when his mom died when he was young. His father was charged with child abuse and Richie was the only part of his family that took hi...

  • Maybe, Probably-Benverly
    2.6K 259 25

    Beverly Marsh was given the job to show around new student Ben Hanscom, slowly she begins to fall for him, while also having a boyfriend

  • ✓ | why, sophia lillis!
    8.9K 1.1K 19

    𝐖𝐇𝐘! ━━ ❝I'M ALL THAT YOU WANT, BUT NOT WHAT YOU NEED❞ [ sophia lillis x male!oc ] [ swearing ] [ mature themes ] [ plot & cover by me ] [ based on 'why' by bazzi! ]