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  • Dead Girls Tell No Tales
    633K 46.9K 29

    [ WATTYS '18 LONG-LISTED ] ❝ I have slit throats far more beautiful than yours.❞ In which a thousand brides have fallen, and she is the last, so she spins a tale as old as time to live the dawn. | an arabian nights x beauty and the beast crossover | (cover by ES Johnson)

    120K 10.1K 32

    ❛THEY WOULD TELL YOU OF A KING WHO STOLE ME HELPLESS FROM MY SUNSHINE GARDEN.❜ They won't tell you about the woman who came to him sublime, lily eyes and lily lips. A king does not ask permission from his prize, but she, oh she, she knelt, kissing my flower crown fingertips, and laid a kingdom at my feet. A Hades and...

    416K 39.5K 123

    ❛POWER IS TERRIBLE.❜ ❛POWER IS FRAGILE.❜ ❛POWER IS POWER.❜ ➳ Shortlisted for the Wattys 2018. ➳ Now a featured Wattpad story. ➳ Winner of over fifteen prestigious awards. ➳ Highest rank: #2 in Fantasy. Tremayne. Valmont. LeVane. Everly. Emmerson. Rotavelle. The six Houses of the gods of Endollon have known nothing bu...

  • Devourer of Hearts
    8.3K 596 4

    ❝AS SOON AS THE SUN SETS, LOVE, GUARD YOUR HEART.❞ When a ballet dancer is betrothed to a demonic future king, she alone must beguile him and contain his thirst for blood. © Copyright 2017 by Lily White. All rights reserved.

    11.5K 638 13

    ❝YOU'RE DEALING WITH THE DEVIL, DARLING.❞ A woman lets a stranger burn her city to the ground, in return he shall be her weapon, until she breaks one of their bargains. BOOK ONE OF THE "NIGHT'S CALL" SERIES → A RUMPELSTILTSKIN RETELLING [ very loosely based ] cover by @rubyruins [21.07.17] all rights reserved © 2017

  • BLACK BIRD| 2017
    151K 9.9K 13

    ❝DEATH IS COMING, DEATH IS COMING.❞ A girl watches kingdoms fall as a man stained with the blood of an empire, puts a crown on her head. [4.15.17] all rights reserved ©2017