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  • Love and war (Aot 9 Annie Leonhardt X Male Reader)
    10.8K 202 8

    Read WEAKNESSES first and the Aot series 1-8 before this one. This will be the final stand alone Annie Leonhardt X male reader story i write. After this the story will combine with the Mikasa ackerman x male reader series under one title.

  • Consequences (Aot 5 Annie Leonhardt X male reader)
    23.6K 499 13

    (Part 5)READ WEAKNESSES FIRST THEN THE SHADOW TITAN THEN TRIALS THEN FORLORN THEN THIS This is the final story in the Annie series. It follows Annie after the choice she made.

  • Our Family {EreMika}
    5.1K 202 14

    Sequel to Just Us and requested by @Kimleeechy. Eren is now 17 years old, Iris at 10 years old, and two twins siblings, Zander and Zella. Eren starts to fall for his childhood friend, Mikasa, while dealing with the fact that he isn't related to the other children in the house. A.N. I may change the maturity of this...

  • {LeviHan} Just Us
    14K 509 14

    When Eren Jaeger was adopted by Hanji Zoe, he felt happy. But Hanji's life was falling apart. She lost her job, losing her apartment, and she was left to be a stripper. Levi Ackerman, a regular noticed how much debt she was in, so he took her and Eren in... accidentally falling for her.

    Completed   Mature
  • {Neko Eren x Reader!} I'm Yours...
    26.1K 901 15

    You are approached by Eren Jaeger, the mysterious young adult that follows you around. Who knew about his secret, and he had you, (Y/n), to keep it from others... *This is my first 'x reader' fanfiction, hopefully it goes well...*

  • Brand New Life
    20K 860 34

    Within the walls and after titans were long gone... people started to live a peaceful life... until death came upon the heroes. Reborn into a new life, where they would start all over... a life to love, a life to live in... Thanks to BlueFox0407, this story was made. Seemed pretty cool and decided to do it. Shout out...

  • Loyally Yours {Neko Levi x Reader}
    41.9K 1.2K 6

    After a small incident, this unknown man became... attached to you. He became loyal to you, wanting to stay closer and closer, yet stubborn to admit it. Soon, this man told you a secret... a secret where he had cat ears and a tail... where he was loyally yours... {FEMALE READER} {All thanks to Kazuko and TitanWolf on...

  • Weaknesses (Aot 1 Annie Leonhardt x male reader)
    136K 2K 15

    (Part 1)Annie Leonhardt is having feelings for you(The shade) and she knows you feel the same. All she wants is to be close to someone and you are in her sights. Little does she know of the long adventure that awaits her I do not own snk aot or any of the pictures used They are only used to support a fictional story...

    2.2K 83 6

    READ BREAK OUT, ANNIE FIRST The story that follows Erlend and Annie as they attempt to make their escape from the walls to live in peace.

    9.6K 203 12

    This is my interpretation of a requested storyline made/plotted by one of my followers. I hope you all like it. This was not my idea it is just in my writing.

    1.6K 36 6

    While Erlend and Annie are making their way to establish their new lives, new enemies will rear their ugly heads. Which side will you take?