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  • Rule Four // c.h
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    Final Installment in the Rules Series "Look at me!" I shout at Calum. Slowly, he lifts his eyes. "I have never been so disappointed in you than I am right now!" "Lily, please.." "No! Listen to me Calum Hood and listen well." I stormed towards him. "If you ever do something like that to me or our son ever again I wil...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rule Three// c.h
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    Third Book in the Rule One Series "Oh can you give it a rest already Jake!" Lily complained as I put my arm around her on the couch. "We've been together for almost six years now. Face the facts, I'm dating your best friend." I kissed her cheek in confirmation. "I can't let it go baby sister. You guys broke the rules...

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  • Rule Two// c.h
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    "We're in your dorms Calum!" I exclaimed as he lifted me up onto his low dresser and started kissing down my neck. "What about your roommate?" I asked pushing him back. "Oh come on, you saw me put an X on the whiteboard on the door." He said with a smirk running his hands up my thighs and to my hips. "Yeah I noticed...

  • Rule One// c.h
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    "You two are so fucking annoying!" I screamed slamming my bedroom door shut. "Back at you sweetheart!" Calum called from outside my room. My brother snickered and I could hear the slapping of hands as they did their signature handshake. I let out a small scream of frustration as I flopped back down onto my bed and pul...