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  • Good And Gone || The Maze Runner
    239K 4.1K 26

    Property of WICKED: Charlotte. Subject A3: The Light "Everything is going to change Nothing's going to be the same What we know is good and gone The life we lived has come undone ... So wake me from this terrible nightmare This wicked little game I never wanted to play An answers gotta be somewhere out there." C...

  • The Girl Who Controls The Grievers (Mazerunner X Reader)
    76.6K 1.4K 33

    Ashley's dad made the Grievers he makes it so Ashley can control them. When she gets taken to the lab and meets Theresa they become best friends. What happens when she saves Theresa from the maze but has to go instead? What if Ashley pretended to be a boy because of trust? What if Theresa missed her friend so much she...