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  • Forever&always ||blackbear fanfiction
    2.4K 155 15

    "So what's it going to be"Matt says nervously "Forever & Always"

  • 「Sunkissed || Blackbear」• COMPLETED
    9.3K 228 47

    ⊰ Legend has it, there is always a purpose why souls meet. Maybe they found each other for reasons that weren't so different after all. They were two souls searching and found a home lost in each other. When souls find comfort in one another, separation is not possible. The reasons they are brought together are no acc...

    Completed   Mature
  • the life of a troubadour ☸︎ mansionz
    1.6K 50 6

    basically telling the story of the song "the life of a troubadour" by mansionz, but more detailed ☼lowercase intended☼ ✞cover made by me✞ ⌛︎inspired by the song "the life of a troubadour" by mansionz⌛︎ #407 in short story !!

    Completed   Mature
  • Anything 4 u
    1.5K 98 19

    "I need you.." "I know."

  • Without you. (Blackbear fanfic)
    4.7K 155 14

    "That's all you do is cheat all the time and I'm tired of it!" I was balling my eyes out while my boyfriend was laughing at me. He was always high and thought everything was funny. "Babe just go to sleep you're dreaming." I just looked and walked into the room,"Sleep on the couch." I threw him a blanket and locked the...

  • Smoker .Blackbear
    5K 226 12

    Where a broken girl spends all her time trying to save a man she met at the bus stop, but he wasn't the one in need of saving A Blackbear (Mat Musto) AU

  • Designer . Blackbear
    3K 161 8

    Mat Musto: The man that wore all designer, and slowly fell in love with a designer.

  • Dark Hair with the Thick Thighs|| Blackbear (M.M.)
    53.2K 1.6K 63

    When it was on we was on fire.

  • N Y L A • b.b
    3.5K 230 21

    "We're oceans away..." ✨ The story of a boy who loved a girl with all his heart But they were 2800 miles apart

  • Metanoia | A Blackbear Fanfiction
    2K 75 9

    metanoia (n) the journey of changing ones mind, heart, self, or way of life. Matt Musto, Otherwise known as the popular alternative singer blackbear, was a 25 year old bum who spent his days playing music and venues and drinking all night till he fell to the floor. He had a few flaws, but those flaws were changed when...

  • home to you: a blackbear fanfiction
    15.5K 625 48

    ashton williams always knew matthew musto was the one, but his fame as singer blackbear and addiction change everything. after ending their engagement, ashton tries to live a normal life and forget about her ex fiancé. when unfortunate circumstances bring the two together again, will ashton leave her new life behind t...

  • HomeBoy ● Blackbear
    10.4K 258 55

    "Call me when you need someone to love you, Cause I will always answer" Social Media included

    Completed   Mature
  • Publicity Stunt ( Blackbear - Mat Musto Fan-fiction)
    21.6K 616 23

    Daisy Kyle is a famous singer. What happens when Mat and her release a song together and have to fake a relationship for the whole world.

  • Chelsea Hotel No. 2
    1.3K 55 6

    Blackbear fanfiction

  • Deadrose ▹Blackbear
    16.3K 624 22

    In which Matthew Musto believes that Venus Menunos is a Deadrose that needs to be revived. ✧Blackbear Fanfic✧ ¿has anyone seen my brain?™

  • double; blackbear
    13.6K 366 19

    i could give you double, baby. - blackbear fanfiction current updates ©bbystump

    1.5K 69 6

    Hell is where I dreamt of you and woke up alone.

    Completed   Mature
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    Somebody that I used to know.

    1.5K 70 4

    One shots.

    12.6K 457 51


  • 9:02 // BLACKBEAR
    8.9K 304 8

    9:02 instagram iamblackbear: u have a nice head sykad: i know. 9:02 twitter iamblackbear: you make we wanna cum but tonight you make me wanna cry sykado4: i just said i thought that tattoo was generic ohmygod 9:02 imessage don't answer: can you come over me: not if you have any other intentions than giving me a back m...

  • Wish U The Best // Blackbear ; Sequel to Weak When Ur Around
    161 5 1

    It's all fun and games until it gets messy... *Sequel to Weak When Ur Around // Blackbear*

  • Weak When Ur Around // Blackbear
    22.4K 541 36

    Fuck Buddy. Noun. 1. (taboo, slang) A person with whom another person has a relationship based on casual sex only. "Just sex. No feelings, no love, no nothing. Just two friends fucking each other." That was the deal. Nothing more, nothing else. Can they keep it up though?

  • Idfc // Blackbear
    33.1K 923 34

    caitie and blackbear have been friends since forever. smoking and drinking is all they do, little dose caitie know the she is the reason blackbear produces songs. will this friendship turn into a relationship? read to find out.

  • my bad luv // blackbear
    109K 2.9K 55

    • For those that are attracted to Bears dark side • (Ranked #1 under Blackbear)

  • one day ⇔ blackbear
    3.6K 127 12

    leonie & matthew. a boy and girl meet on facebook on the fourth of august and later, become friends over milkshakes. the story follows them by dropping in on august the fourth of their lives year after year, showing their hardships, successes and romances. ⇒ slow updates ⇒ real life x social media ⇒ based on one day...

  • Photographer {m.m} {COMPLETE}
    16K 859 40

    "We had sex?" "You seem surprised. " *read at own risk*

    Completed   Mature
  • Forgive Me // book 2 // b.b {COMPLETE}
    12K 662 24

    You fixed me, then broke me again. Book 2 in the Fix Me series.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fix Me // b.b {COMPLETE}
    15K 711 21

    I don't want to be here, but I can't leave you. {Book 1 in Fix me series}

    Completed   Mature