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  • ❝ dense ❞ ; annyeongz
    91.2K 5.1K 93

    ❝ tangina naman yujin, bakit ba ang manhid manhid mo? ❞ 𝙤𝙝𝙩𝙤𝙠𝙚𝙞. © OHTOKEI

  • ⫸Troubled Ⅰ⫷ MISLED
    69.8K 3.1K 18

    Yuri has been bullied all her life to the point that she doesn't even bother to defend herself anymore. She accepted being bullied into her system; it's part of her daily routine at this point. One day, Yuri goes to school on her usual route, passing by the usual people, but there's one thing different about that day...

  • Period • a.yj x j.wy
    1.4K 95 1

    in which wonyoung has her monthly visit. one-shot annyeongz

  • Blind Date • a.yj x j.wy
    1K 83 1

    in which yujin's blind date didn't show up. one-shot annyeongz

  • Flash • a.yj x j.wy
    3.3K 243 2

    in which yujin tried to take a picture of her crush but failed. one-shot annyeongz

  • diary ; jang wonyoung
    5.1K 266 10

    diary(n)- a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences just what it says, it's wonyoung's diary. by reading her diary, you will know the life she lives. it's not nice, yet it's not terrible too. because life is full of ups and downs. wonyoung is a really "bubbly" girl but inside, she's the opposi...

  • really like you ; yulyen 〄
    26.4K 976 10

    ❝ i really like you , i really really like you ❞

  • awkward °mark
    12.9K 873 23

    when awkward meets awkward, whole bunch of cuteness happens.

  • IZ*ONE chatroom
    9.5K 397 12

    where there's screaming everywhere *DISCONTINUED*

  • shit iz*one says
    289K 17.9K 222

    nako : i hate all of you.