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  • Cruel Summer → JJ Maybank
    1.3K 90 2

    Summers on the Outer Banks were paradise on Earth. Well, at least they were until Hurricane Agatha came roaring through.

  • Bittersweet → Sweet Pea
    5.9K 246 4

    With the early morning shot that nearly took the life of Fred Andrews, Brooke Holliday knew that true evil was beginning to seep into the once safe town that she'd always known. And with the surface of the mysterious and vengeful Black Hood came the final light to the fuse on the Northside's feud with the Southside in...

  • Wasted Youth → Steven Hyde
    16.4K 622 4

    Becca Forman would rather not end up with one of her friends and risk ruining years worth of friendship, so naturally a strange series of events leads her do the exact opposite of what she wants: falling for Steven Hyde, the sex and rock music obsessed boy with a permanent seat in her basement and, apparently, a rathe...

  • Roses ▹ Jacob Black
    6.8K 421 3

    Caroline Drake is SO not having this mortal enemies to lovers situation... (the twilight saga) (baby vamp series)