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  • Being Nigerian In A Foreign Country.
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    These are the tales of a Nigerian girl living in England . . . If you are from Nigeria, or from another country in Africa, and you live in a different country i.e. (in Europe or The Americas) then please take a seat. Maybe grab some popcorn and a drink because you're about to enter a relatable zone. I'm certain you...

  • Black Beauty
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    A girl who chooses to keep dreads instead of saving her life, a woman who will do whatever she can to have "White Girl Flow", a boy who thinks black girls look like cockroaches, all come crashing together when they meet their mysterious neighbor.

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    This isn't really a story i'm just stating facts about black girls im just saying the problems we have to go through as an upcoming black women in society or the problems we have like hair for example

  • Black Girl Problems
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  • #Black Girl Problems
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    I know living as a black girl has its problems, and ups and down. Some of us can relate. Living day to day we face many challenges that other races may not understand. Some may never understand. We can come together and share our experiences and try to over come them though. But some are permanent.