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  • Nights with an Incubus
    470K 11.2K 38

    SPG | Mature Content HANNAH VILLEGA wants to be pure and virgin until she gets married. After seeing how her friend's life shattered because of love, she avoided men even more. But everything started to change when her eighteenth birthday came. Where during her first sleep as a fine woman, she woke up in t...

  • Nightfall
    568K 28.5K 43

    The Alpha, her mother, is murdered. And his father chose to die with her. Now, she's left alone and she doesn't have any territories or doesn't belong to any packs. Eurus is an albino werecat, to be specific, a werepanther. She was kept hidden by her mother, now she had no choice but to come out and show the world who...

    Completed   Mature
  • Six Word Story
    368 45 25

    In just a six word story, many events or maybe even feelings will burst. Sometimes it's too shallow, sometimes it's also deep.

  • Frat Boys: Evandro
    118K 2.5K 2

    Fino is in a happy relationship with his long time girlfriend, Abi. Eventhough their marriage was arranged by their parents, they clicked in almost everything especially in the bedroom. They were very comfortable in trying anything beyond just 'making love', and that was very convenient for Fino. Having a beautiful, s...

  • Desiring Her
    41.9M 1M 57

    Berry Lacsamana had given up on life. But when she one day wakes up in a strange bed with someone calling her his wife, her life begins to take a different path. ****** When Berry Lacsamana wakes up in a room she doesn't recognize, hooked up to medical machines, confusion and anxiety consume her. Deepening Berry's fea...

    Completed   Mature
    2.9M 79.4K 7

    Adventure of Lunatics

  • The Broken Soul's Plea - COMPLETED
    36.6M 1M 55

    'The person who piece my broken soul together is the reason why i'm broken." - Blake Vitale ***** Blake Vitake was a mess. Alam niyang para siyang bomba na malapit nang sumabog. He can even hear the ticking of the clock in his head, the time bomb in his soul. Pero pilit siyang kumakapit, pilit siyang lumalaban para sa...

  • The Broken Man's Affliction - COMPLETED
    45.7M 1.3M 69

    WARNING: R-18 | SPG | Mature Content THE BROKEN MAN'S AFFLICTION "It hurts to have someone in your heart and in your mind all the time, but you can never, ever, have them in your arms and in your life even how much hard you try." - Blaze Vitale

  • Dangerous Gentleman (COMPLETED)
    33.1M 591K 28

    A GIRL dreams about a Bad boy who is gentle only to her. A BOY dreams about a Girl who is naughty only to him. ****** He was her neighbor. He was her childhood sweetheart. He was her first love. Ten years later... He was everything she abhorred. He was dangerous. She hated what he'd become, yet, her heart still yearn...

    Completed   Mature
    26.2M 1.2M 73

    When a philandering butler realizes his romantic feelings towards the spoiled and pompous ass Marquess Jacques Sotello, will he have the guts to admit his change of heart or will he forever keep it hidden? ******* Good-looking and highly efficient as a butler, Cloud Sebastian Beaumont thought that he had life figure...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wonderland Magical Academy: Escaping Darkness
    4M 120K 46

    (BOOK TWO OF WONDERLAND MAGICAL ACADEMY: TOUCH OF FIRE) (FINISHED) Xyra Buenafuerte thought it was already a happy ending but she was totally wrong. Marami pa palang mangyayari. May mga bagay pa pala silang dapat ipaglaban at harapin. Will they win this fight or will they lose in the darkness? Date Started: March 2014...

  • Wonderland Magical Academy: Touch of Fire (Cloak PopFiction)
    11.8M 294K 50

    [Date Started: March 2013 Date Finished: August 2013] Date Published: June 4, 2015 This is a fantasy, Action, Teen and Romance Story XD An academy full of magical powers. This was about a girl who's discovering her own magical power. What would she do in an academy full of magics? All Rights Reserved 2013 [NO SOFTCOPI...

  • Magthonous Academy : The Dark Love
    57K 1.4K 30

    In Enchanted World where everything and everyone seems magical, there named Verian Vion a wizard whose life is void of light. Whose always locked up in her unlit world. Unlove. Unwanted. Hated. Ang buhay niya ay puno ng inggit, poot at galit. She despise the man who made her life miserable. Zeleus Xel Smith or the ma...

  • POSSESSIVE 21: Knight Velasquez
    119M 3.2M 134

    Knight Velasquez would willingly and silently sacrifice himself in order to protect the people he cared the most about, even if it meant endless trouble and deceit. But his life soon took a quick turn when he fell for the woman who saved him from his world of pain. ****** To ensure the safety of his beloved brother...

  • The Sacred Rule of Love - (PUBLISHED 2019)
    1.9M 51.4K 52

    Zoe Aldana cannot catch a break. In her anger and grief, she summons the man in her portraits - ang kaniyang guardian angel na si Alexus. As she tries to learn why her angel manifested himself, a young man named Jax enters the picture. Jax - like Zoe - is an Oculus, a person who can see angels and ghosts. Things start...

  • Beautiful Dance
    3.8M 91.4K 39

    [SARMIENTO SERIES #3: DANCE TRILOGY] BOOK 1: If words fail, actions speaks. Vini Sarmiento is a leader of the dance group, El Dorado, dean's lister, and a campus heartthrob. The son of a famous tycoon and owner of Sarto Corporations, Sean Sarmiento and his wife, Cassandra Sarmiento. While there's Arabella Francisco w...

  • Dancing In Pain
    3.3M 77.6K 35

    [SARMIENTO SERIES #3: DANCE TRILOGY] BOOK 2: Before, she danced because she's in love but now, she dances because she's in pain. When everything seems so right, something will always go wrong. Vini and Bella thought that everything's going accordingly to their future plans, after surpassing different challenges at th...

  • Dance Forever
    2.8M 59.2K 34

    [SARMIENTO SERIES #3: DANCE TRILOGY] BOOK 3: Destiny won't really make life easy for both of Vini and Bella. Different challenges are coming at them, wave after wave. It loves making their relationship under pressure at all times, trying to test how far their love for each other can overcome things. They had a beautif...

  • TDBS2: Wicked Encounter - COMPLETED (PUBLISHED under Precious Pages: LIB Bare)
    17.6M 367K 24

    SYNOPSIS: Nykyrel Guzmano was like a phantom. He hides away from the shadows and control people from the dark corner of his huge mansion. He's the owner of Guzmano Corporation yet nobody had seen him, not even his shadow. Some believed that he was a man near to the grave, a man who's ugly and scared to be mocked. He w...

  • TDBS1: Darkest Touch - COMPLETED (PUBLISHED under Precious Pages: LIB Bare)
    18.8M 393K 23

    SYNOPSIS: KUNG may katawang tao ang tsismis, ang magiging pangalan niyon ay Jan Irish. She was a gossip eater and spreader. It's her job and nobody could stop her. Kaya nga pinili ni Jan Irish na maging Journalist para legal na makapag-tsismis sa iba ng mga alam niyang sekreto. She loved her job more than anything...

    Completed   Mature