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  • Exposure (Jensoo)
    111K 3.6K 21

    Jennie's trying to make it into photography... Jisoo needs to pass her psychology class and Jennie happens to be great at that subject. Only problem... they cant stand each other. Converted Original by makeme123 on AO3

  • Sealed Contract
    112K 3.3K 16

    "Call me mommy." Everything changes with a sealed contract. WARNING: A Futanari Story (G!P Jennie) A JenSoo Fanfiction: SEALED CONTRACT Date Started: October 7, 2018 Date Finished:

  • Own You
    113K 3.8K 22

    "Let me own you tonight, baby." A JenSoo fanfiction: OWN YOU Date Started: May 23, 2018 Date Finished:

  • Precious Things || Jensoo
    116K 4.8K 56

    Jisoo lives with her grandfather, whose ways are old-fashioned and occasionally brutal. - Slow start but it gets better. Jensoo converted. Original story by ©cIomIe44

    Completed   Mature
  • Consummate Love
    165K 7.3K 50

    Three factors make up a consummate love, the perfect kind of love. Passion. Intimacy. Commitment.

  • Jensoo Shots
    40K 657 11

    DISCLAIMER: NSFW, NC17 PWP, just plain smutty. Don't read if you're not of age or if it's illegal or shit. NOT for underage. Don't read in public places where a misplaced gasp may draw attention. Nor at work or school. One shot smut. Jensoo converted Original stories from cIome44 & Devje

  • Happy Anniversary || Jensoo
    5.4K 212 4

    Jennie and Jisoo celebrate their first anniversary together after high school. - Very fluffy short story. Jensoo converted Original story by ©betterIeftbIank

  • Jensoo Futa Shots
    372K 4.5K 40

    Jensoo converted Futanari one shots. NSFW. Not for kids. Not for sensitives. Read at your own risk. Don't tell me I didn't warn you. You came here at your own will. No one forced you. If you don't know what's 'futanari or g!p', google it. Don't come reading this without the knowledge. I don't wanna taint your innocenc...

  • Don't Deserve You || Jensoo
    191K 11K 61

    "Do I mean nothing more to you?" "Why is it that just when everything is starting to get better, she's becoming so distant?" "I'll always love you Jennie Kim, I'd search the whole UNIVERSE for you." "Do you no longer love me?" "Think what you want, it doesn't concern me."

  • 28 Days || Jensoo
    63.7K 2.5K 34

    Summer camp. Jennie meets Jisoo on the bus to camp and they end up being paired together to share a tent. Hot times ensue. - Jensoo converted Original story by ©cIomIe44

    Completed   Mature
  • Bestfriends (First Time) || Jensoo
    19.8K 541 6

    Short story ⚠🔞⚢👭 Jensoo converted Original story by ©Devje

    Completed   Mature
  • Memories ▪ JenSoo ▪
    68.6K 2.5K 21

    What happens when Jennie wakes up 10 years later realizing she has a family with Kim Jisoo?

  • Love You So Mad | JenSoo
    118K 4.2K 29

    Journalist Kim Jisoo is working under Chanel's new ruthless Ambassador, Jennie Kim. They meet in unlikely situation, to which Jisoo decides she can't stand her new boss. But what happens when they meet a second time? [TopJennie]

    916K 27.1K 99

    The girls in Blackpink House. What happens when the cameras are off. Just for fun. No serious plot. [Jensoo & Chaelisa]

  • Mrs. & Mrs. Kim| Jensoo
    119K 5.8K 27

    Jennie and Jisoo Kim, a couple in a stagnating marriage, live a deceptively mundane existence. However, each has been hiding a secret from the other: they are assassins working for competing agencies.

    Completed   Mature