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  • Don't Look Down
    172K 10.2K 42

    Gerard way and Frank Iero have always passed each other in the hallway but never spoke a word to one another. They are both alike in many ways. Both loners who feel like they don't quite belong. Frank mostly spends his days depressed and alone. The occasional hurtful remarks from his fellow classmates and father weari...

    Completed   Mature
  • Suave (Frerard)
    67 4 1

    How the fuck are you supposed to kill a man, who already knows someone's trying to kill him? Hitman!AU

  • I'll Help. // Frerard Fanfic
    223 22 3

    *this was an idea that turned into a request lol*

  • murderer - frerard
    54.8K 3.8K 33

    Gerard wasn't normal. Frank was. Or at least, he was normal until he found out.

  • Romance
    208 11 3

    Frank and Gerard are best friends. But will Gerard's secret tear them apart?

  • [COMPLETED] Eyeliner & Cigarettes
    16.7K 935 20

    In Italy, the Iero family was part of one of the biggest mafias there ever was. The boss of it all, Frank Iero, Sr., watched over everything and saw to it that every member was loyal. When he's gunned down, his only son is left to take over the "family business", and lead the Italian mafia. Frank is dangerous, but whe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ghost // Frerard
    6K 442 7

    Frank Iero finds himself in a pit of depression and mixed thoughts and decides to finally end his life, but after his failed attempt, he is visited a ghost who tries to persuades him to keep living. ❗Somewhat Graphic Triggering Scene At The Beginning ❗Cutting ❗Pill Overdose ❗Suicide/Suicide Attempts ❗Death ❗Mentions O...

  • Punk Rock Attitude and Hopeless Hair
    112K 5.7K 34

    |Completed| Gerard is placed in a group home with four other kids. He's been through so much for a 17 year old. Picking up the pieces to already broken heart and mind will be more difficult than what others thought. After losing his parents to a fire, Frank was moved into the group home three years ago. He's 19, has n...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Taste of Ink (Frerard)
    58.7K 2.6K 18

    Nearly 18-year-old Gee is known to have an inconvenient tendency of digging his own grave. It's at the point where being self-aware of the habit isn't enough to stop him from digging, and he just pulled his biggest stunt yet. He'd better pray that Frank doesn't find out, or that the truth isn't ugly enough to scare hi...

  • Caffeine and Smoke -frerard-
    5.3K 358 31

    In every love story, nothing goes quite right, does it? It all starts out peachy, heated eye contact, maybe even a kiss or two. But then knives are drawn, bodies fall, bands are started, bands are broken up, and lives are ruined. All is fair in love and war. Right? *completed*

  • Desolation Row
    102K 4.4K 18

    Frank Iero is the lead man of the infamous gang LeATHERMOUTH and Gerard is just a private eye who is hopelessly in love with him. But Gerard somehow gets in the crosshairs of a gang war unknowningly... He has make a choice. Save himself and his career or go with the man he loves and become a criminal, the very thing h...

  • Would You Rather
    15.7K 893 5

    Frank Iero, a shy freshman at Belleville High gets dragged along to his first party. He decides to play a game of "would you rather" with his friends. What will it lead to? ----- Oneshot Frerard High school au enjoy! <3

    Completed   Mature
  • ghosts and cigarettes ; frerard
    344K 17.1K 20

    frank seems to have a small crush on his regular customer. completed ; 9 november 2016 [ask permission to repost elsewhere. do not plagiarize. if u see someone plagiarizing this work, pls let me know!]

  • Iero Twins Oneshots [Frerard]
    13.8K 470 3

    Title says all tbh Just a bunch of Frerard oneshots with two 'Franks' instead of one. It's basically Frank Iero + Gerard Way + Anthony Iero Cover credit to @tragician_child

  • Little Boy (Frerard)
    93.5K 5K 35

    Gerard just wants to be treated like a princess, and Frank just wants to fit in with the popular kids. How can the pastel boy make the punk realize that fitting in isn't important?

  • Frerard: Destroya Feels
    5K 256 16

    This is just going to be a ton of one shots because I haven't found any good ones in a while and I feel like writing them. It's gunna get kinky in these so be ready. There might be a few Rikey in here too. Okay so I just found out this has been privated im so sorry. I think all you have to do is follow its just rated...

  • El Pianista
    63 5 1

    Gerard Way is a well known selectively mute pianist from Mexico who lives above Frank, a man who does nothing more than work. Gerard plays for hours and hours; Frank of course, hears everything and gets distracted from his work. When it becomes too much for him, he goes to confront Gerard, only to get sucked into a wo...

  • This Is Our Second Skin (Frerard)
    142K 9.5K 26

    In which Gerard is an awkward fuck who likes women's clothing more than he probably should and Frankie is the drag queen who has stolen Gerard's heart. There is only one problem - Frankie doesn't know Gerard exists, and Gerard isn't doing anything to correct that unfortunate oversight, no matter how badly he wants to...

    Completed   Mature