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  • Shut Up and Read January
    490 87 16

    Issue #1 January 2020 Shut Up and Read is fun for both readers and writers alike. We're hiring Magazine Interns so check out our hiring book or see our advert in the forums.

  • [First Book] Colony-Story of Authororites
    352 92 11

    Are you wondering why IGA and Transitional Authority are in power? Why our Earth is under occupation by the Hosts? Well, you will find answers here, in Story of Authorities. This story is just inspirated by american tv show Colony. My story is only inspirated by this series and I dont hold any right on any copyrighte...

  • The Tales of a Professional Hockey Player
    36.9K 684 63

    Almost one year has passed since Ben and Eleanor went their separate ways. She now is a published author and he is back after completing his contract. Hockey is what split them up, but can it bring them back together?

  • The Tales of a Future Hockey Wife
    52.1K 1.3K 68

    Eleanor never understood how someone could hold such a deep passion for hockey. Ben never understood how someone could not share his passion for hockey. When Eleanor meets Ben after being forced to attend one of his games, her view changes. When Ben falls in love with Eleanor, he still hasn't changed much. During the...

  • In Pursuit of Happiness
    101K 5.5K 29

    Matthew Roman has always been a mature young man. He has a 4 year old son to care for and Matthew loves him unconditionally. He tries to be a great dad, but he is struggling to make ends meet for them to survive. The only person he could turn to has forsaken him for being gay, his father Michael Roman. Matthew tries t...

    Completed   Mature
  • BxB Recommendations
    42.8K 245 88

    COMPLETED good gay shit . BOOKS TO READ WHILE CURLING UP ON A SOFA WITH A BLANKET DRINKING HOT CHOCOLATE. Amazing, worthy reads that aren't part of Wattpad premium, no coins required, no pateron etc. If you like the RECOMMENDATIONS click the vote button so I can know that you like them and my efforts are not wasted.

  • Complete Isolation
    749 154 6

    Complete Isolation. A fast paced short story about a man who wakes up in a cold wasteland. No idea about his previous past or history. Will he survive?

    Completed   Mature