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  • TMNT Husband Scenarios
    315K 9.2K 207

    The sequel to TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios ^_^ This story focuses on your happily (and sometimes not so happily) married life with your favourite Ninja Turtle. I hope you enjoy it!

    Completed   Mature
  • Transformers One shots.
    397K 6.9K 74

    This is my one shot book! I hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks for all the support so far guys. Really means a lot.

  • Transformers X reader one shots
    7.2K 110 6

    a lot of you X your'e Favorite TFP, TFA, RID2015, or TFRB character! one shots.

  • I Lied But I Love You (TMNT Raph x Reader) *SLOW UPDATE*
    19.3K 583 18

    A 17 years old girl scared to fall in love because of what happened in the past about a boy have been broke her heart, so she decided to never fall in love to another guy cause she believes that she will get hurt again. One day, she accidentally meets a wonderful mutant turtle his name is Raphael. She starts to hang o...

  • My Bee-liever (Bumblebee x Reader) {On Hiatus}
    37.3K 1.1K 11

    Who knew a human girl can capture a machine's heart? "I know this might sound weird. But I'm in love with him" "Right, sure- wait you what?!" Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers Author's Note: On Hiatus

  • Tmnt X Reader
    17.6K 292 11

    Tmnt for life

  • TMNT x Reader
    26.3K 627 11

  • Tmnt X Reader (Insert)
    43.2K 1.1K 56

    Just a normal girl. Until everything changed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You have a terrible day full of terrible things. Will the turtles change that? Who will love you? Is April gunna play nice? Take my hand and find out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ READ! This books isn't necessarily an x reader as in love, it is more...

  • TMNT x Reader one shots
    352K 7.2K 40

    Series of short stories about you and your favorite characters from TMNT! Enjoy my lovelies! **completed**

  • Devil's Bad Girl
    141K 2.5K 21

    "You belong to me and no one else. Do you understand?" he growled in my ear I nodded my head before he gripped my jaw and made me look at him, "I said do you understand?" he asked again "Yes, sir" I said before he released my jaw. "Good Girl" he said before placing his lips on mine. Crystal Killian an angel sent from...

  • The Devil's Bride
    768 9 4

    I back away from him only being cornered. He chuckles as he slowly walks towards me with a big grin on his face. He reaches in front of me, as I feel his hot breath on my face. "Look at me" he said, in a demanding tone. I keep my eyes averting from him as possible. "I said LOOK AT ME" he yelled making me jump. I look...

  • TMNT Boyfriend Senarios
    738K 20.9K 182

    Have you ever wished that you could date one of the turtles in a half shell? Well now you can see how I imagine it would be like!!! *WARNING* I use dialogue from the 2012 animated teenage mutant ninja turtles and most of the characters are owned by them as well Also please note, I wrote this when I was 13, so it's not...

  • Tmnt Boyfriend Scenarios
    233K 4.5K 54

    Stories and Prefrences putting you into the world of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

  • Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader)
    1.2M 42.9K 37

    This is a FNAF foxy x reader fan fic. To know the plot you are going to have to read. THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN ONLY THE FIRST TWO GAMES WERE RELEASED. ITS BASED OFF THE OLD THEORIES AND NOT THE NEW FACTS.

  • TMNT One-Shots (Requests Closed)
    273K 5.4K 80

    Requests may vary. I take all and anything. Please enjoy responsibly!! (I can't do lemons sowwy.)

  • Tmnt smut
    47.1K 437 4


  • Tmnt Oneshots - With Sex
    209K 2.5K 48

    Hi. Almost everyday, i got an idea to write this kind of stuff but i cant put it in my other story so i made this book. I took requests, please write down. I can ship everyone. Just tell me who would be the one (or two or three or...) who you wanna read about, and i make it. If ya dont like homosexuallity/tcest, th...

  • Tmnt X reader lemons
    89.7K 566 7

    ~Request are closed!~ ⚠️-warning-⚠️ Their is content in this story that some of you may not like so please if you do not like lemons than just don't read it and don't report. THANKS P.s. I write descriptive stories so if you do not like that than ask for not descriptive ...

  • Raphael X Reader Scenarios
    2.7K 79 5

    You, and your boyfriend Raph, have a bunch of boyfriend girlfriend scenarios!!! Find out what they are, by reading this book!! Oh, and this book contains lemon, and bad language!! So, children over 13 should read this book!!! If your under 13 and you wanna read it anyway, fine by me!

  • TMNT 2014 Reader inserts
    80.1K 1.8K 9

    Here are some of my reader inserts featuring the 2014 turtles. These guys need more love! I do not own TMNT.

  • TMNT 2003 Turtle X Reader The Lake House
    15.2K 449 6

    This was a little story I made during summer break so I thought I'd post it for the colder months. You, April, Casey, and the turtles are going to your family lake house for a weekend getaway. Not only was this a good excuse to get away from the city for a while but maybe to spend time with your crush. So pick your...

  • TMNT 2003 Reader Inserts
    19.5K 418 7

    Here are some one-shots featuring the 2003 version of the turtles. I hope you enjoy! These stories are also found on my DA account. I do not own TMNT.

  • TMNT: 2003 Boyfriend scenario - Love Is Blossoming.
    167K 4.9K 200

    "I will protect you with my heart, if you give me yours" -Unknown Love is a thing everyone wish. Just as similar do the TMNT brothers as well. Follow our adventure through sweet moments, tearful endings, heartbreaking realizations and not less love. Be the one and only person in the world your favorite turtle will...

  • TMNT One Shots
    4.7K 76 19

    All one shots are from tmnt 2012 and maybe some from 2014 Requests are open Request whatever you'd like Most of it will be PG-13 for a while fyi So um yeah Enjoy!

  • TMNT: Donatello one shots
    49.2K 1K 17

    Donnie X Reader one shots. Includes love, fluff and cute adorable stuff.

  • TMNT Imagines // Raphael x Reader.
    203K 5.1K 27

    A collection of Raphael x Reader imagines! a big book devoted to our violent teddy bear.

  • TMNT 'Your skin isn't paper. Don't Cut it.'
    51.8K 1.5K 17

    Your skin isn't paper. Don't cut it. Your face isn't a mask. Don't hide it. Your size isn't a book. Don't judge it. Your life isn't a film. Don't end it. COMPLETED ✅

    Completed   Mature
  • TMNT: Raphael one shots
    149K 3K 20

    Raph X Reader one shots. Includes love, fluff and cute adorable stuff.

  • Tmnt Requests(lemons)
    33.5K 381 7

    Heyyo I'm nutella monster and I am usually bored asf sooo I'm gonna start making fanfics (usually dirty) this is the lemon tmnt request cave welcome~ Thanks babes happy sinning!!!

  • Tmnt X Reader
    41.4K 774 13

    The title says is all Under construction 🚧