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  • The Monarch: The Scorch Trials (Newt)
    41.8K 870 24

    Woman are like tea bags. You don't know how strong they are until you put them in hot water - Eleanor Roosevelt "Wait! Janson said something about people hiding in the mountains. Some kind of resistance or army. He said that someone was leading them." "The Monarch." Before Thomas lost his memories. Before he was take...

  • Ticking Time Bomb ↠ The Scorch Trials
    65.9K 2.9K 18

    ❞Darkness and destruction - two of the things that will destroy the both of us in under a nanosecond. Yet, I am not scared or frightened by this, because as long as I am with you, I don't mind being acquainted with chaos.❞ Or, in which a teenage girl is torn apart between home, and the feeling in which she is...

  • smoke & mirrors ◦ death cure || thomas
    27K 1.4K 12


  • black veil ◦ scorch trials || thomas
    189K 6.9K 28

    Guilt kept her mulling over the matter longer than she should have. Though, underneath the self-loathing and whirlwind of emotions, there were lessons. Lessons to learn from, mistakes to avoid. Guilt showed her all she had done wrong, and all she could do right. Guilt had been a better teacher than any of her old educ...

    23.6K 644 13

    "we long for fairytales in a world full of nightmares" [THE SCORCH TRIALS] [BOOK]

  • 𝑜𝑏𝑙𝑖𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑛.
    69.3K 3.2K 28

    ⋆:。✧ 𝑂 ... 𝑎 𝑏𝑒𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡 𝑜𝑓 𝑠𝑡𝑜𝑛𝑒. t maze runner , newt x fem!oc ©timchaIamet 2020. book 𝒐𝒏𝒆 of the oblivion trilogy. completed novel.

  • Little Glader || TMR•TST•TDC•TNG
    61.8K 761 22

    ​What if there's a pregnant girl stand amongst the gladers? *UNDER CONSTRUCTION/RECONSTRUCT THE STORY LINE & GRAMMAR* Annie Besant, the first ever girl to be exist around 30+ boys who called themselves the Gladers. Annie who got kidnapped by the creator of the whole experiment in the name of W.C.K.D is now has to su...

  • After Paradise
    2.2K 188 13

    Paradise was supposed to be a safe haven for them. A fresh start at their lives. So why does Thomas feel so broken? When a group of the Immunes decide to venture out past the mountains to see if there is any habitation further on, Thomas is eager to sign up. To see if there is anything that could possibly help put hi...

  • sister of the keeper of the runners
    120K 3.5K 27

    i am living in a deathly diseased world with my older brother, Minho. people are disappearing left and right. how hard could surviving be?

  • The Fighter 》 The Maze Runner
    312K 8.2K 40

    "I'm not giving up. I will never give up. I won't stop fighting until we find a way out of here. And we will find a way out. I'm doing this because I owe it to the gladers, my friends, my" [Disclaimer: I do not own TMR, only Danielle. Set five months before Thomas.]

  • The Gladers •{Maze Runner}•
    13.1K 498 35

    The box gained more speed and the sirens grew louder. Red and green lights flashed above my head and I saw the ceiling getting closer. The box screeched to a halt, barely avoiding crashing in to the ceiling of the tunnel I was in. I sat in silence, my heart racing. The light went out and I was surrounded by darkness...

  • The Trigger (A Newt fanfiction)
    70.6K 2.5K 22

    What if the trigger to spark chaos in Group B wasn't Aris, but someone else. Someone we're all familiar with. Like... Newt? A young girl, named Maya, has lived in the Glade ever since she was sent here 4 months ago. She has practically lived to see it all. It wasn't her intention to help the greenie, but soon, she st...

  • The Girl Apon 50 Boys {A Newt Fan Fiction}
    134K 4.4K 28

    No memory of her past life, she sores up into what can only be described as torture, and to make it worse, everyone there?.. They're all boys. Bree can only recall her name, which isn't such a bad thing when you're in closed with about 50 hormonal teenage boys who look like they haven't seen a female in years. It's ju...

  • The Glader Girl // Newt// TMR fanfic
    130K 3.9K 35

    COMPLETED Book 1/3 One girl, one Maze and only one way to escape it all Her name is Rosalind and she's going to set them all free.... Or only dig their holes deeper ~ Disclaimer: all the characters in this story (except for mine) and any quotes from the book belong to the James Dashner.

  • The Cured Girl (ON HOLD)//Book 3//Newt//TMR Fanfic
    2.2K 61 11

    Book 3/3 It's a fight for justice, a fight for freedom and a fight for their lives To safe everyone Rose must forget the past and dig up some lost memories as well as some lost friends *DISCLAIMER* Most characters and quotes from the book belong to James Dashner

  • The Scorch Girl// Book 2// Newt TMR Fanfic
    10.2K 335 31

    COMPLETED Book 2/3 The Maze was only the tip of the iceberg as Rose tries desperately to understand who she is and why she's so different from everyone else. Replace Grievers with Cranks and bring on the Flare. Rose must protect everyone she cares about while still trying to remember her past. Can she hold onto...

  • Maze Runner||Newt Love Story|| The Girl Greenie (Under Major editing)
    40K 993 31

    A girl named Annlynn gets trapped in a maze and seems to have falling in love with a cute blonde boy. But of course this is no fairy tale and it won't be easy.

  • Love Me Again
    48.4K 1.6K 15

    The reader and Newt used to be together until he was sent into the Glade. Years later, the reader sees him again and tries to restore his memory of her. Multi-chapter.

  • Finality | The Maze Runner / Newt ³
    187K 7.6K 30

    ❝As we tried to instill in each of our subjects over and over, WICKED is good.❞ 1. dylan [dill - an] n. the girl whose mind is the key 2. newt [nyü-t] n. the boy she couldn't save in which she tries her best to save the human race, but that does not include everyone ©stilestastic 2016

  • Error | The Maze Runner / Newt ²
    335K 12.1K 25

    ❝Let's just think for a second!❞ ❝Time for thinking's done.❞ 1. dylan [dill - an] n. the girl whose eyes have seen too much 2. newt [nyü - t] n. the boy who refuses to leave her side in which she learns more about the world beyond the glade in the worst ways possible ©stilestastic 2015

  • Aversion (The Maze Runner, Newt / Sequel to Violation)
    27.2K 849 16

    Book three in 'The Twisted Series' Isabella Armstrong: a full of rage, upset, and destroyed sixteen year old girl with a passion for revenge on not only Wicked, but Wendy Vincent too Wendy Vincent: a sixteen year old girl who can't seem to grasp the fact that her best friend, Isabella Armstrong, wants her dead for f...

  • Wastelands → Newt [Movie Trilogy]
    46.4K 1.6K 47

    ❝If you ain't scared, you ain't human.❞ A year ago, Adeline woke up in the Box. Sent up into the Glade, in the middle of a Maze amongst forty teenage boys, Adeline is the first and only girl. Like her, they don't remember who they were before the Maze, nor their past. For the next year, Adeline embraces that the Glade...

  • The Flare → Newt³
    90.2K 3.2K 52

    ❝As we tried to instill in each of our subjects over and over, WICKED is good ...❞ The trials are over. WICKED are planning to restore the survivors memories and complete the final cure for the Flare. But, with her memories back, Adeline remembers her past, distrusts WICKED and is fed up with their lies. The time for...

  • The Scorch → Newt²
    154K 5.2K 45

    ❝You are all still here because of an uncanny will to survive.❞ Solving the Maze was meant to be the end. No more tests. No more puzzles. They thought that by escaping the Maze that they'd been stuck in for two years, they could go back to their old lives. Find their families. But, they aren't aware of the world they...

  • Variables → Group B [AU]
    23.9K 771 59

    ❝All things happen for a purpose.❞ What if Adeline was sent to Group B instead of Group A? Adeline wakes up in an elevator moving only upwards, and is soon thrown into her new life with at least sixty girls, living in a glade with no memory of their pasts, surrounded by four towering stone walls. What waits outside th...

  • Sun Flares → The Maze Trials Prequel
    31.5K 962 33

    ❝Save us from the Flare.❞ Before the Maze. Before the Scorch. Before losing her memories. Before losing him to the virus that she was meant to help find a cure to, Adeline was a normal girl. But she was also very important, and she didn't know it. Not until WICKED found her. - → MAZE TRIALS SERIES: Prequel: Sun Flar...

  • Afflicted↠ Newt [1]
    214K 7K 27

    ❝Get out of my head Get out of my mind Whatever you put me through I'll come out alive When the sun disappears and the knights have fallen And the clouds all depart I won't hear you calling In my head❞ ~A Newt FanFiction~

  • To Live *The Scorch Trials/Newt Fanfic*
    23.1K 915 14

    "In the end, only two things matter: how well you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you." Book 2.

  • Through the Anger (Sequel to Through the Sorrow)
    324K 10.9K 37

    Mickey and the Gladers have made it out the Maze and taken by WICKED to a building. They were told they were safe and that they were away from the Maze. But that was only Phase one of the trials. Mickey must know cross the Scorch with the Gladers to reach Safe Haven before The Flare infects them completely. The whole...

  • To Love *The Maze Runner/Newt Fanfic*
    756K 20.6K 81

    "In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how well you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you." Book 1.