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  • The Voice of Hope
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    Heya people! Welcome :D This is one of those books that have a bunch of random things, ranging from covers, tags, writing prompts, poetry, writing excerpts, life updates... I have no idea when or what the next update will be about, so... Let's find out together, shall we? ^.^

  • Periods. {COMPLETED}
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    They hurt, they smell, and they never end. There is nothing good about them. They stink. #38 in Rant

  • The Chainsmokers Song Lyrics
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    For all those Chainsmokers fans out there! I know there's more out there than just me! The Chainsmokers all their songs, lyrics

  • DeEn sQuad lyrics.
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    He knows what you going through, Rise up, you the mother-loving champion, The ease wil be coming soon........................

  • My Music Taste ;)
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    So this book is kind of a list of the songs I loove to listen to and also the lyrics are available aand the video clip! Length? - I want to make this a really looong book (/list) :) (personal goal) Wishes? - 1) It'd be really cool if you voted the songs you like so to see which songs are more popular among you guys...

  • My Randomness 2.0
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    The sequel to my crazy, yet boring, life! I update at any time. Sometimes there will be seventeen updates in a day, sometimes I'll go a month without one. You'll never know but I hope you enjoy reading about a glimpse of my life. (: And yes my cover has bottles of sriracha sauce to go because I am sara•cha•sauce and I...