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  • The Dead Zone (Book One)
    229K 14.2K 21

    'The Dead Zone' is a remarkable tale of survival following a trio of unlikely friends, who are forced to work together to stay alive in a world reduced to ruins. Packed with action and paired with an improbable romance, the living and dead will clash together as you follow Bryson, Paige, and Zach on their journey to s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Guilt (A Zero Spin-Off)
    108K 8.5K 52

    **This is a spin-off of my book Zero. Some of the characters will be the same, but this book can be read as a stand alone.** Everyone has made mistakes before, but not everyone has made mistakes that induce the zombie apocalypse. Ella Fairchild is one of unlucky few who can say she's made such a mistake. She didn't kn...

  • Immunity [3]
    42.7K 2.9K 28

    The group at the farm are under more pressure than ever, with a threat from Russell's group arising, and the winter depriving them all of food. Back at the hotel, Fletcher's group have lost everything, and they need to make a new start. And with the ratio of humans to zombies rising all the time, no one is safe. Will...

  • Apocalypse [1]
    369K 18.7K 43

    [Watty Awards Finalist 2013] The virus has begun. A deadly virus that destroys humanity. A virus that replaces the living with creatures that crave human flesh. As the human race dwindles, an unlikely group of young survivors battle against the odds to live. But what they're about to realise is that some things are ev...

  • Insanity [2]
    78.7K 5K 21

    As people start to settle in a terrifying new world, the mind's of the sane begin to deteriorate. As the three groups deal with the apocalypse in different ways, and there is a constant power struggle who will come out on top? Will goodness win out, or will the likes of Russell and Alby begin to take over?

  • Deadland's Harvest
    1.2M 47.6K 33

    Book 2 in the Deadland Saga (zombies!) The seven deadly sins with a shambling twist. It has been one hundred days since the zombies claimed the world. Cash, along with forty-two survivors, have found safety in the secluded and well-guarded Fox National Park. The leaves are changing colors, a beautiful, brutal reminde...

  • Deadland Rising
    709K 34.9K 33

    Book 3 of the Deadland Saga (zombies)! Winter has arrived. It has been nearly one year since the zombie hordes claimed the world. As the plague eats away at its victims' bodies, the Fox survivors search for a safe place to rebuild what they have lost. But a dangerous new threat has risen, hunting them from every dire...

  • The North (#wattys2016)
    149K 6.2K 35

    Breakout. Escape The City. Stay Alive. Sixteen-year-old David Simmons is on a mission to save his eight-year-old sister. In a smoldering world infested with walking cadavers, the survivors of Simmons infantry reserve unit are going hatches down in a pair of armored personnel carriers and everyone knows that it's only...

  • Returned. || Zombie Apocalypse || Book 2 || discontinued ||
    1.5K 97 12

    || Discontinued || Book 2 of Run Read book 1 ( run ) before reading this book Nellie's is 23 now, it's been 5 years since she had anyone, except for her usually visitors, she got use to being alone in her big house. That was until some unwelcome visitors came alone.

  • Run. ||Zombie Apocalypse|| book 1 ||
    10.4K 418 25

    These teens have no idea what's heading there way. But once it comes they gotta run. They need safety, shelter, and most importantly they gotta survive. There is love, death, and drama in the world of the apocalypse for these teens. They meet new people on the way and they lose people. It's how it has to be now. Read...

  • Arizona Afterwards - a Zombie novel
    399K 12.2K 53

    Arizona Afterwards is a novel of survival. Of love and pain and struggle. And Zombies.

  • Vial #127
    102K 6.4K 43

    Fourteen year old, Emma, used to live a typical life but after a world dominating infection spreads, her life is far from normal. Now, she is alone in the vast word, trying to survive in the apocalyptic world. her family is gone, she has no home, and she is constantly confronted with trouble. With many challenges and...

  • The Virus (Zombie Apocalypse Story)
    5.5K 341 30

    Astra is at school with friends, her friends are having a party of some sorts. Astra being Astra she's sitting in the corner listening to music, when she notices a popup from the local news place. "VIRUS OUTBREAK!!" What will Astra, her cousin, and her friends have to do to live in this world full of death...

  • Apocalypse
    67.1K 3.2K 22

    She has to survive. She isn't like any other girl - doesn't care how she looks, doesn't paint her nails..instead, the only thing she paints is death with the blood of the zombies which have been multiplying in her city. It's the beginning of the end of the world in reality but when she comes across two certain individ...

  • Zombie Island
    605K 17.1K 22

    Samantha is holed up all alone in her apartment, trying to outlast the zombie apocalypse. During a routine trip into town for supplies, she is chased through the city by vicious Warriors, men that kill zombies, and make women wish they were dead. After being trapped on a roof at gunpoint, she is saved by the brothers...

  • Stranded
    91.1K 3.7K 36

    When a zombie apocalypse breaks out whilst Bella is still at school, she decides to stay, unlike her friends who are risking their lives and fleeing. But has she made a mistake? Will she find a group and will they have to fight to survive together? Or will it all be over too soon?

  • Infection
    339K 17.5K 56

    It starts with a simple itch, nothing more. Maybe a few random spasms or the occasional shudder but you'll think nothing of it. Then you'll get blood shot eyes... Not enough sleep? It gets worse, much worse. The itching turns to scratching, clawing at you skin until it bleeds... and bleeds and bleeds. Then comes the a...

  • The nerd and her bad side
    20.2K 524 1

    Ali Diaz is a seventeen year old girl. She is a nerd at school but only at school.She is also a street fighter and her moms boyfriend Will is her manager.During school she gets bullied and picked by the popular ones until one day the schools bad boy Colton Grey notices her get bullied but does nothing about it until...

  • Maid To Be
    9.9M 73K 12

    We were the only ones on the elevator, and to make matters worse, we were on the seventeenth floor which meant that we had a long ways to go before we reached the ground level. Kyle eyes seemed to be glazed over as he continued to stare at me with an unknown look in his eye. "I'm sorry-" I began to apologize as he mo...

  • Mortality
    89.1K 6.2K 32

    After surviving a deadly plague outbreak, sixteen-year-old Savannah thought she had lived through the very worst of human history. There was no way to know that the miracle vaccine would put everyone at risk for a fate worse than un-death. Now, two very different kinds of infected walk the Earth, intent on nothing bu...

  • DeadLand.
    37.2K 564 19

    An infection is spreading across the world, turning humans into beasts. Groups of survivors have turned into each others enemies killing stragglers off and fighting back against the forever growing community of zombies.

  • The First 30 Days (PUBLISHED)
    595K 26.2K 51

    No one saw it coming. No one could have guessed that the vaccine that was supposed to save lives, would take them instead. Once the death toll started to climb, it took less than a day for the world to change forever. When Bri's roommate suddenly develops a taste for cannibalism, she finds herself trapped in her upst...

  • If I Lose Myself (Resident Evil 4)
    15.7K 447 21

    A Resident Evil 4 fanfic. What if Leon had help inside the castle from someone he freed from imprisonment? Amor LaCienega is a spirited, strong young woman. Who just happens to be immune to Las Plagas. After he breaks her from her prison, she joins Leon Kennedy on his mission to save the President's daughter. *Horrib...

  • In Case of Emergency
    678 34 8

    A hundred miles. Five survivors. One bullet. Taken in by the same group of survivors who ran him over, Eden forms an unlikely bond with Bronte, a man with only one bullet left in his gun.

  • Hidden Secrets
    39.2K 868 30

    [COMPLETED] The class valedictorian and the class president have a lot to hide. Everyone thinks they both have it made but nobody knows how difficult things really are for either one of them. On top of their current stressors an unexpected affair between them places both of them in multiple difficult situations, inclu...

  • You, Me, and the Zombie Apocalypse
    5.2K 195 15

    Where a boy and a girl stick together to survive a zombie apocalypse. After a small bike accident, Ella is left bruised and stranded; unable to stand on her own two feet. When she is saved by a tall, blonde guy named Luke, she decides to tag along by his side, only to realize she is slowly falling for him. For a matur...

  • The Horde
    52.8K 2.5K 26

    The zombie apocalypse started in April. Hannah couldn't fathom how she was able to remember something so irrelevant, although when she has over a year of isolation from any other living human being it's startling as to how much detail and information one person can manage to reminisce. She was 15 years old when it be...

  • Zero
    453K 24.4K 48

    The world's gone to hell. People are eating each other. Literally. Eating. Each other. I'm just doing my best to keep myself and the quirky mismatched group of people I call my own off the menu. Unknown pasts, unknowable future, friends that are actually family, maybe even a little bit of romance. Oh and zombies, lots...

  • Fox and Rabbit
    2M 59.9K 74

    He was an abuser, a bully, and a predator with a disturbed agenda. This fox had no plans to let his rabbit go.

  • It's Complicated: A Zombie Romance Novel
    88K 3.7K 64

    If you told sixteen-year-old Maeve McMilland parties kill, she would agree. What she wouldn't agree is to go. What will it take to break her "No Party" rule? Mix together one part mysterious party flyer, two parts missing brother, three parts best friend, four parts long-time crush, and cash, something around the tune...