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  • Frienefits (short as in VERY SHORT STORY)
    41.6K 2.4K 4

    FRIENEFITS [COMPLETE]📖 N. less than a relationship but more than friendship. "Don't look at it as a casual Saturday humping mundane. Look at it as if you're just helping your friend have an orgasm." - Lisa. (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) This SHORT STORY has been fueled by caffeine sarcasm and inappropriate thoughts. Based on the song...

    Completed   Mature
  • In Plain Sight - Jenlisa✔️
    407K 12K 46

    "I need you to find me a bride"Jennie Ruby Jane never expected that a day will come when the beautiful devil who nagged her at every opportunity had the misfortune to meet.When She barged Into her office and announced that she needs a wife and Jennie Will be the one who will look for her bride.Lisa monaban the playgir...

    Completed   Mature
    134K 4K 16

    #Completed "From today, learn to compromise with her. You guys are gonna be with each other." Jennie eyed blankly at the tall girl in front of her, who was nodding her head. She looked her dad who had a serious face. "What? What are you implementing dad?" She questioned. "Jennie, what I am saying is that for the upgr...

    1.3M 35.5K 52

    "The whole idea was a mess, in fact it was stupid. To get married with someone who's practically a stranger to me was already an absurd concept. But having a child with her was another level of ridiculousness." - Lalisa Manoban ********************** jenlisa adaptation All credits to Nefrofer13's story on AFF. Starte...

  • 500 Miles Away / Jenlisa
    20.1K 873 7

    How far can you love someone?

  • Complicated(Jenlisa)
    230K 7K 39

    Jennie never like this particular girl cousin, she hated everything about her. But what if one day she found out that this cousin of hers feels something towards her and ended up falling for her too? Would she run away from it?

    Completed   Mature
  • Paper Planes [JenLisa]
    519K 12.2K 79

    No body cares for me. No body wants me. I live my life alone and do things all by myself. I was used to it anyway. Everything changed when someone started sending me those paper planes. It's not just a simply plane, it's special. There's always a message inside every single plane. Even in that way, I feel very impor...

  • Jenlisa/Chaelisa: Coma
    123K 3.2K 27

    Jennie Kim is a famous singer from New Zealand who gets in a car wreck after a fight with her boyfriend Mino on her way back from a concert leaving her in a coma. While in the coma she dreams and in the dream she wakes up in a different body as a different person named Roseanne Park an up and coming singer in Australi...

  • Mine (Jenlisa)
    327K 9.5K 31

    Mine ~ Jenlisa I was never meant to be here- tied up in bed next to a serial killer. When I followed her home, I was just playing Nancy Drew. Trying to find out her mysterious secret. Her kiss was intoxicating, and I thought she was harmless. I was wrong. Nancy Drew never ended up in a dark basement, handcuffed to a...

    Completed   Mature
  • uh oh • jenlisa
    374K 9.9K 71

    ⋆ in which kim jennie likes her fan's tweet what would happen? + completed

  • It's you✔️ (JenLisa Fanfic)
    650K 13.7K 51

    Jennie Kim hates LGBT community because she is a homophobic and the other reason is her father wants her to become a Lesbian!! The reason why? Because in their family there's no boy who will heir their company and also her father wants to experience of having a son that's why her father forcing her and he is willing t...

  • A Game of Seduction| Jenlisa (g!p)
    69.5K 2.3K 20

    It was the last year of school for Jennie, it was the year to spice things up. For Jennie Kim schooling in an all-girls-boarding school has been relatively easy. And boring. This year Jisoo dared Jennie to seduce a certain blonde named Lisa. Jennie accepts the challenge but a challenge it will be. Challenging but cert...

  • Our World (Jenlisa)
    148K 3K 57

    Your world is my world Publish: 6/29/18 Finish: 10/20/18 A/N: Guys hope you love it. This story is like the W two worlds, i got the idea of that story in this story. Wish your still reading my book.

  • Us (Jenlisa)
    175K 4.3K 104

    Your going to cry Your going to smile And your going to laugh Emotion that is going to round and round Publish: 8/24/18 Finish:

  • My Wife Is a Hacking Mafia
    143K 4K 55

    Lisa is a graduate student that lived in a not so normal life. She doesn't let anyone or anybody knows about her "Full time job" except her bestfriend Jisoo. Lisa was just doing her job for good and not taking it a bit far. When the so called Mafia boss had discussed to Lisa to join forces with them; she refused but t...

  • Fall for me
    12.5K 419 14

    Lesbian Rule #1: Never Fall In Love With Straight Girl

  • I N J U S T I C E
    6.2K 436 8

    Where Lisa is a suspect for her girlfriend's murder.

  • Jenlisa: The Womanizer Got Laid II
    200K 5.9K 31

    This is the book II of The Womanizer Got Laid. The continuation of the story of the first book What will happen when it is time to come back? Is there also a way to come back from someone's life? Are the feelings the same after 6 years of being away? Or they just need closure to make everything okay and live in the wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jenlisa: The Womanizer Got Laid
    399K 9.9K 41

    Lisa Manoban is a womanizer, everyone is falling for her charisma. But what would it be if the day comes when she will taste her own poison. Jennie Kim is a smart ass girl with a secret hides in her beautiful face. She doesn't want to play because she hates it. But every face has a story ... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Endless Seduction G!P | JENLISA
    683K 16.8K 56

    Warning: Not suitable for young readers or sensitive minds. Contains graphic sex scenes, adult language, and situation intended for mature readers only. G!P Twitter: @Limarious_Oppa This story is an adaptation of 'Ruthless Seduction' written by Rainbowcoloredmind. Read her stories and support her, guys! I swear she's...

  • The Fixed Marriage [Jenlisa]
    92.8K 2.5K 18

    [Jenlisa] If you will be in a Fixed marriage would you be happy? Will you fall for the person, who are you going to be with? what if your going to be marry, to your best friend is still your friendship the same? lets find out? A/N: Just so you know, if this story have a similar to a story you know? im sorry but i di...

  • BODY(JenLisa)
    88.2K 1.7K 23

    Read to know😏😏 WARNING: G!P Lisa!

  • My Wife From Hell
    2.7M 72.3K 75

    I thought married life is fun.... not until I end up with my wife from hell.

  • Head Over Heels (Jenlisa) (COMPLETED)
    518K 15.5K 48

    Jennie Kim hates Lisa Manoban, just a simple of that. It wasn't the hate that will end up killing Lisa. It was more like a frustration for not getting Lisa kneel down before her like everyone does. And that challenged Jennie, she promised herself to make Lisa fall over heels for her.

    Completed   Mature
  • Island of Love (JenLisa)
    95.7K 4.8K 32

    [Hiatus] "You'll never leave me, right?"she suddenly asked. Why is she asking stuffs like this? "I won't" Her eyes screamed relief. "Unless you'll give me a reason to do so" Date Started : 2018.11.08 Date Finished : ---

  • fingerprints on my skin || jenlisa
    72.1K 2.6K 13

    Jennie is known as a player. When Lalisa Manoban; her shy, new friend, asks her for help because she no longer wants to be the awkward virgin who never even kissed someone, Jennie says yes. So what if nobody aside from Jennie's best friend knows Jennie is secretly a virgin, too?

    Completed   Mature
  • Only For One Day || Jenlisa
    182K 6K 17

    It was only supposed to be just for one day but little did they know that it only takes one day to fall in love. St: 10/07/18 Romance || Jenlisa || Comedy

  • Socially Awkward AU (Jenlisa Adaptation)
    303K 9.6K 62

    Lisa can't express herself through words, instead she has music do it for her. She's the socially awkward quiet kid, Jennie's a social butterfly that the school adores. Seems like a good mix, right? _______________________ This story it's not mine is just an adaptation to Jenlisa, the original story was written by Ca...

  • I Accidentally Kissed Lisa Manoban (Jenlisa)
    75.2K 2.3K 15

    Summary: In which Jennie Kim accidentally kissed Lisa Manoban -Originally posted on AFF-

  • Out Of My League
    117K 5.5K 27

    "You're out of my league" This.Is.Just.A.Product.Of.My.Bored.Ass