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  • BNHA - One-Shots
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    BNHA ONE-SHOTS This is a character x character one-shot book. So basically a bnha ship. The one-shots will include (fluff, lemon, angst, lgbtq+, kinks, etc-) Requests are currently: (OPEN) (I do not own these characters, all rights go to the creators of My Hero Academia)

  • Follow the River [Shoto Todoroki x Reader: Fantasy AU]
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    [Shoto Todoroki x Fem Reader, Fantasy AU] Not many know of the abuse and other horrors taking place at King Enji's palace. (Y/n) is one of the knights who works for him and assuming the protection of his favorite son, Prince Shoto as a trusted knight. She doesn't exactly like her job, resenting the King she must work...

  • Dark Desires (Yandere!BNHA x Reader)
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    I am cursed. Not being able to speak without anyone who listens in falling in love with you is a curse right? One day, my best friend Mei Hatsume gives me a support item that should nullify my quirk and let me live a normal life. I take this chance with full intent to make a new beginning for myself. Her support item...

  • •N E E D Y• (A Bakugou Katsuki Fanfic)
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    "You looked irresistible" "And I just had to have you right then and there" In which Katsuki meets the weirdest girl in UA- and finds out her dirty little secret. ⚠️Warning⚠️ This book contains smut. Read at your own risk, sinner.