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  • Breathe (Percabeth AU)
    117K 3.7K 33

    Annabeth Chase's life is pretty much perfect. She has great grades, amazing friends, and a good image at Goode High School. But all of this is about to change, with a completely unexpected surprise. However, with a couple new friends, Annabeth hopes that she might just be able to save her future. Can she pull it off...

  • PJO/HOO One Shots
    10.7K 460 16

    All kinds of Riordanverse One Shots, some set in canon, some set in AU's, and all fluff! There are also a couple in depth mini stories that are practically a whole book! A few are based on other ships, but mainly Percabeth :))) Highest Ranking ~ #1 in #Percabethau (5-30-30/x-x-x) Cover by @bellaschneeb tyy

  • A Little Change Goes A Long Way (Percabeth AU/ PJO/HOO Fanfic)
    8.6K 459 16

    Percy and Annabeth have been best friends for over four years, until it's time for junior year, where all the problems start. Percy is confused as in their junior year, people are more interested in him. Girls whisper when he's there, boys are always asking him questions, and Percy seems to like it. Annabeth, however...

  • More Than Just A Little White Lie~ A Percabeth AU
    97.7K 2.9K 24

    This is a Percabeth AU, based on the popular and totally adorable movie, 'To All The Boy's I've Loved Before'! Be prepared for some major feels as you read this ridiculous story of how Percy and Annabeth find each other. MATURE content! I know that the original story is pretty tame, but I've spiced it up a bit and th...

  • The Seven Ways to Say Goodbye (Percabeth Fanfiction) {Completed}
    60K 1.7K 8

    (Complete) Percy Jackson had his life straightened out. He was finally out of college, and now was living with his best friend, now girlfriend, Annabeth Chase. After a freak accident, Annabeth is left lying on the ground, stone cold. Percy thought his life couldn't get any worse. But then, after a night of disbelief...

  • Limitless Love {Percabeth Fanfiction}
    256K 5K 61

    {COMPLETED} Percy and Annabeth have always been best friends. It's quite a surprise to Percy and his friends when Annabeth becomes distant. What's causing this? Did Percy do something wrong, or is there an underlying problem in his best friend's perfect life? He does his best to find out, especially since he is discov...

  • Percabeth One Shots (Collection 1) {Complete}
    582K 12K 76

    One shots of the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series. If you haven't read the Percy Jackson series, seriously don't read this because you won't understand a single word. The movie doesn't count, it just took the Percy Jackson names and concepts and made a new series. Also don't read this if you don't...

  • Unbound Affection {Percabeth Fanfiction}
    40.6K 1K 21

    A few years have passed since Percy Jackson got the guts to ask out Annabeth Chase, and the couple is still wildly in love. They have grown together since childhood, and now they have to face the perilous challenge also known as college. Percy strives to stay with Annabeth until death do them part, but what does the w...

  • Percabeth Mini Stories
    25.5K 707 18

    A collection of Percabeth mini stories! Some stories will have language/adult content. DISCLAIMER: All Percy Jackson characters belong to Rick Riordan!

  • percabeth one shots
    912K 20.3K 101

    Disclaimer: I do not own the PJO characters. Another Disclaimer: "AU" stands for an "alternate universe", as in, (in select chapters) the characters will be completely different from the books! I have high school AU's, zombie AU's, Punk!Percy and Girly!Annabeth AU's and much much more! Just a heads up, the first chap...

  • A Loophole (Percabeth Selection)
    1.1M 31.7K 62

    The Selection. A once in a lifetime chance to come to the palace, meet and fall in love with the handsome Prince Perseus Jackson. Or in Annabeth's eyes, the chance to possibly, maybe, fall in love with her best friend. She found a loophole, and because of that loophole she's caught up in the world of dating, jealousy...

  • Never Be (Percabeth AU)✔️
    399K 10.4K 50

    . ~•~ . We'll never be as young as we are now It's time to leave this old black and white town Let's seize the day Let's run away ...

  • Outside Watchers
    2.2M 41.7K 66

    Cute Percabeth stories seen by friends, mortals and strangers. R&R love you x

  • The Fakes In Goode And Annabeth Chase
    120K 2.1K 25

    my version of 'Annabeth goes to Goode'. Annabeth goes to Goode because her step-mother got a temporary promotion and decided to tag along so she can be w/Percy. when she got there, she found out that Percy is the hottest most popular guy there. she encounters girls who are drooling for her boyfriend, and the worst is...

  • Soul Mates AU (Heroes of Olympus)
    622K 17.7K 51

    Everyone gets a tattoo on their upper arm, right below their shoulder. It just appears there one day, and doesn't go away. Each person's tattoo has symbols that represent their soulmate, and none are the same........ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The Seven live in New York. They all enroll in Goode High, at th...

  • I'm No Cinderella
    612K 14.8K 37

    Annabeth lives a modern fairy tale. Her step-mom hates her, she's in love with Percy, a boy she can't have, and she's the bullied outcast in her school. When her two friends drag her to the school's Masquerade Ball, and she does something stupid like, kiss her crush and leave him love-struck with her lost owl earring...