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  • A Death Scene
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    A death scene. @yourfriendbri's competition

  • || Midnight Scandals || ✏️ ||
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    PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS 'THE BADBOYS MISSION'. "Everyone tells tales of boys who broke their hearts, but what if this one was sent to kill you?" Sydney Flores - around nineteen, lover of splattered paints, allergic to socialising and torn apart over summer. And Ryan Stone? Taught to pick locks since he was six, the defi...

  • Helplessly { Completed }
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    #1 in Helplessly - February 2019 "I think it's time I receive a big kiss, or even a hug will do." He teases me as he leans closer. I'm trying to avoid all the stares being thrown our way. I'm not into PDA. However with Dean, I think things could possibly change. Ella is left heart broken by her father's absence in he...

  • Zodiac Avenue
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    WELCOME TO THE ZODIAC AVENUE Discover your real star sign. Dazzle your Amazingness. Entitle who you are. Thanks a lot @Kumud03 for the ah-maz-yn cover! WOAH! ITS REACHED #60