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  • Isildilia.(Book 1 of the White Lily trilogy)
    100K 6.1K 38

    Being different was never a good thing for Isildilia Different got you noticed. Different got you isolated. And different got you into trouble. Growing up in the isolated city of Aliera with eyes that changed colours...

  • Seasons of Ferne, Summer's Passion
    142K 11.4K 41

    Abandoned on the steps of a church as an infant, Evelyn Ferne finally feels as though her life is coming together. At long last she has the parents she's always longed for, as well as her first taste of real romance and love. But try as she might her life has never been normal. Abilities to which she has little contro...

  • Autumn's Fall
    2.4K 235 25

    One of the three Ministers of the Seasons has gone missing, Three children learn more than they should, An innocent journey soon turns hazardous, What awaits them all at Autumn' Fall? *Comments make me happy and votes make my day ^____^ *

  • Of Wings And Thorns (on hold)
    186 9 5

    Sienna Flynn loves butterflies. She could watch them for hours and hours on end. In many ways she is just like a Butterfly, delicate and beautiful. She was destined to fall for Tyler Rose. He is her flower and she is his butterfly. But, with Tyler having his thorns out will Sienna be able to touch his heart?

  • The Winter Kingdom (ON HOLD)
    5.8K 503 25

    Princess Kyla, the daughter of the beloved King Judah Everett of Iceltia, is coming of age to be queen. At the most recent of the festivities to celebrate the new year, Kyla is kidnapped by the Frostbite, an anti-royalty exiled group. Kyla meets the Frostbite's leaders son and soon finds her method of escape as well a...