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  • Tonight we Riot
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    So y'all know the Spec Ops guys The really tall one is Tank The one with dreads is Riot Alpha is the third guy and the Athena is the girl This is about Riot Forgive me father for i have sinned (Also its in the perspective of a girl so yeah) have fun

  • Insurrection - Banned In DC
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    Giving the people what they want. Meeting Tank or whatever you wanna call him at a protest in DC. God forgive me, I'm simping and sinning all in one fan fic. 18+ y'all this shit SPICY

  • FEARLESS | Spec Ops
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    "Why are you scared, it's me, baby," Tank said. Oh, thank god. I blushed, and he turned me to face him. "How was I supposed to know that?" He deadpanned, "I literally told you I'd meet you inside like an hour ago, I went back here when I saw you get out of the pool from the living room. We need to talk...