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  • Pax Galactica - A Space Opera
    18.1K 2.8K 54

    Humanity has built for itself a near-utopia with no more use for violence. Someone has to protect it. Sam Decker is a man without purpose. The perfect, strife-less techno-utopia into which he was born has left him feeling directionless and nihilistic. Without risk or conflict his life has no meaning. Until one day, af...

  • Pax Galactica 2 - Revenge of the Old Ones
    3K 475 12

    Humanity has built for itself a near-utopia with no more use for violence. Someone has to protect it. The rogue head of the Old One intelligence service seeks to provoke humanity to war by any means necessary. If newly-minted ranger Sam Decker and his allies can't stop him in time he might succeed in his plan to reviv...

  • Rumors of War (Cadicle Vol. 1-3: An Epic Space Opera)
    138K 7.2K 19

    A secret war. An empire in crisis. One final hope for victory. Wil Sietinen is torn between two worlds. As a High Dynasty heir and the Tararian Selective Service's most promising telekinetic Agent trainee, Wil is expected to be nothing short of exceptional in every way-even though the weight of responsibility is slowl...

  • When Lightning Strikes
    180K 9.5K 36

    In a city full of villains, would you dare to be the hero? In Lincoln Grove, there hasn't been a hero in 12 years. Villains run rampant through the streets. The biggest question on everyone's mind is where is Titania, the heroic super that took down Steel Hawk years ago? Della waits for someone else to step up to the...

  • HAWK (Sample)
    965K 20.5K 25

    *** Paperback now available on Amazon! *** Kas Balera is used to a bit of chaos. As a space bounty hunter, capturing three Class-2 criminals should have been the most difficult part of her week, but when a disaster of epic proportions rocks the entire solar system, Kas is thrust into the midst of an adventure far beyo...

    10.1K 467 16

    RUN THE CITY. SAVE THE WORLD | from the Watty award-winning author of LEAD ME ASTRAY Norma Mansfield, a genetically enhanced tech mogul, wants to spend the rest of her life in quiet, predictable obscurity. Running from the government makes that hard to do-especially when the CIA is always three steps ahead of her. Sh...