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  • *paused* The Son of Baba Yaga. (Son of John Wick Reader x RWBY.)
    72.2K 896 54

    Y/n Wick is the Son of John Wick. However what happens when his life goes from good to shit after his Father dies from an Accident and two days later his Dog killed and his fathers Car stolen. What happens when even the Queen of Grimm fears him. How will people react to this. Will Winston be able to stop him from his...

  • Why won't you accept my love (FemYandere Chara x Reader)
    18.7K 200 26

    This is the sequel to My one and only love after the good ending for part 1 never said it would end the whole story however in this one Chara wont apear much towards you the reader but stalks and all those creepy Yandere style things. Beware this is for adults mostly. Age restriction 17-death by age. Enjoy.

    Completed   Mature
  • The final battle (Yandere Frisk X Sans & Yandere F.Chara X M.Reader
    17.6K 220 32

    This is the last book of the whole series I hope you will enjoy it cause it's gonna be with the last choices at the end. The either good or bad ending. Remember you can only pick one and if you have decided write in the comment which one you chose. Thanks and enjoy. Ps: This was the best photo of Chara and frisk that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let me help You. (F.e.a.r Alma x Male Reader.)
    4.7K 73 12

    This is the non yandere part. I will explain the story with the Info part.