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  • Into The Dark
    136 25 12

    Lucious a man from another time, trapped and tormented by his dark past, thrown into a new life he knows nothing about, a life in which he is reborn. But into what? Can he figure out what torments him? Will he ever find closure? Stumbling along, head on into a new chapter. He meets someone who may finally understand h...

  • Frida Kahlo's Judgemental Stare
    13 2 2

    It all started with Frida Kahlo's judgemental stare. Her eyebrow (note the singular) was giving me this disappointed glare. With a banging hangover and the race to clean my wreck of a house, I sluggishly flipped Frida's face over. Besides I'm 16 why would I want a diary? Little would I know that I would come to rely...

  • After Humanity
    1.4M 34.4K 16

    * 2017 WATTY WINNER!* A/N Please note that as of January 2020, After Humanity has been unpublished. Still posted are the first 13 chapters of the story as a preview. It is my hope to get this book published off of wattpad so if you enjoy what you read? Please add the story to your reading list! All updates regarding...

  • The Shadow Watch (excerpt of the published novel)
    859K 5.8K 11

    For centuries, the Oshan Empire has ruled the New World with terror and blood. The Watchers have been eradicated, and their sorcery is but a whispered myth. But the heart of magic beats on, and as it surges back to life, three young people will determine the fate of the world... Tori Burodai, a strong-willed slave gir...

  • 🐲 Dragon and Phoenix (Path of Light and Fire Book #2) (Completed) 🐲
    433K 28.4K 66

    Dragon Ball Z meets Brandon Sanderson in this epic fantasy novel. Sabin's senses are out of control, yet dealing with alternating blindness and hypersensitivity are only small problems compared the looming threat of world war between the human kingdoms. Fresh from stopping the Guan's evil invasion plans, he and the ot...