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  • Extraordinary
    79.6K 2.4K 18

    A Quirk that can enable the user to do anything. It's interesting, don't you think? ((DISCONTINUED))

    Completed   Mature
  • Useless
    28.1K 1.1K 7

    He just wants to be a hero. Why can't they understand that? ((DISCONTINUED))

    Completed   Mature
  • Keep Going
    116K 2.9K 11

    Izuku Midoriya, a Quirkless boy, constantly bullied. One day his former childhood friend gives him some 'helpful' advice. he was going to do it, he was really going to jump, but before he could he heard a voice. "Hey kid, why are you up here" turning around he saw Eraserhead.

  • Requited - TodoDeku College AU
    53.4K 1.7K 12

    Izuku Midoriya is finally off to college. The idea of college intrigued him, making friends, parties, dorms and roommates. What's there not to like? Izuku was in for a ride when he met Shouto Todoroki. {Artwork on cover picture is by Zaca}

  • Why? || KatsuDeku
    13K 339 9

    a n g s t .

  • Song of an Endless Happiness [Mugen no Kōfuku no Uta]
    75.4K 1.7K 10

    A Highschooler can only take so much. More so with Izuku. It's not easy for his life. Being something like a dad for two kids. Training to be the number one hero. And the amount of schoolwork almost killing him than the villains. Can't he get a break. When the staff notices he's ahead of the class. Practically caugh...

  • The Cards Will Tell
    92.8K 2.8K 11

    No one believed Izuku when he said he had a quirk. Of course no one would believe the delusional quirkless boy who always mumbles to someone who nobody had ever seen, and was obsessed with books about of elixirs and conjurations and hypnosis. That of course changed when odd things began to occur around the boy. It sta...

  • A promise from Peace to Hope (Re-write)
    124K 5.4K 22

    All Might does what he can for his country, to protect them against the villains that lurk in the shadows. But, out of costume, he is Yagi Toshinori, a loving family man. When he and his wife, Inko, get the news she is expecting, nothing can ruin their joy. But soon, even the most secure family bubbles can be popped...

  • The volume of the heart
    197K 9.7K 50

    Yamada is jealous of Aizawa's father-son relationship with Hitoshi, and goes to find out a bit more about the adopting process. When he meets a baby boy born with an empathy quirk and quickly takes him as his own. He makes a promise to protect Yamada Izuku from the negatives of the world. (Cross posted from A03) (Pres...

  • A Jump Changed Everything
    141K 5.8K 33

    Endeavor tracks down a hero killer to help wipe out his competition. Unfortunately, he makes friends with his son instead and they fuck up his plans in no less than a week. Edit from months in the future (but not many): This isn't an Endeavor centric fic, nor does it stay as crappy as it was in the beginning! If you r...

  • Crimson Murders
    182K 9.6K 51

    Being able to see things no one has ever, is not great. Izuku-a boy who just wants to live a normal life and become a hero-is cursed to see things he doesn't want to have anything to do with. He never asked to be Champion of Death, but he's stuck with the title. So he's cursed, quirkless, the main target of a murderer...

    Completed   Mature
  • Watch the World Burn
    185K 7.5K 26

    Izuku is just the type of person that doesn't care about sides. He is neutral and the balance of the two sides: Heroes and Villains. He is an informant for both sides, but with a price. Information for whatever they can give in exchange. He is known as Raven to both sides.

  • He wasn't being himself
    397K 14.7K 49

    Everything was going well for the young hero in training, Izuku Midoriya. That was until, the league wanted him. The league of villains managed to get their hands on a dangerous quirk. One that would send Izuku back into despair from the past. Would his friends be able to help him in time? Or will His haunting pa...

  • Ticked Off [Boku No Hero Academia]
    435K 20.7K 86

    • ON HIATUS/OCCASIONAL UPDATES • Midoriya Izuku attracted trouble. It was just a fact of life - the sky was blue, the grass was green, and Izuku constantly found himself in an absurd number of deadly situations. He was okay with that. Mortal peril was an average Tuesday afternoon for a Pro Hero like him. Being kidnapp...

  • Explosion ( BNHA fantasy AU )
    13.6K 809 9

    Katsuki Bakugou was a lesser god of volcanoes but since his birth, he's made it pretty clear that he's not something to be messed around with, he may not be as strong as the sun god or as swift as the god of the wind, but one thing is constant, Izuku. An ancient life god who believes that Bakugou wasn't all that bad...

  • Relive your memories ( bnha fanfic ) ( Kinda DekuBowl )
    279K 15.6K 85

    Izuku had always thought he was quirkless, so he wonders why after he jumped off the roof top, he awakes up to class just in time for Bakugou to torment him and say the exact same words that drove Izuku to jumping off anyways, so he does it again and finds himself at the same predicament "Congratulations Izuku, your...

  • In exchange of a quirk ( BNHA )
    279K 11.8K 35

    In a world where everyone develops a quirk and two marks at the age of four, one representing them, and one representing their soulmate How come Kirishima, Bakugou and Todoroki all share the same one? Who was their mate? Surely they already know, so why haven't they appeared yet? ( Non-canon compliant on most of the...

  • Medusa ( Quirk Au BNHA )
    391K 17.2K 72

    In which Izuku develops a quirk almost identical to his favorite myth, becomes self loathing and dismissive and Katsuki just wants to fight him when he doesn't want to P self indulgent Might have future KatsuDeku or KiriDeku Already has KatsuDeku rip Light Dekubowl but the main ship is KatsuDeku

    Completed   Mature