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  • Veil Of Secrets (Kpop)
    29 4 1

    "So Yoongi had sex with Jennie the night before, then proposed to Rosé the next day?" There's something off with Birchport town. Everyone has a secret to keep there. Too much skeletons in the closet. It just so happens, Rosé herself got to get herself a wonderful prince charming, and that she's engaged to him. Howev...

  • DAWN
    3.1M 176K 77

    "If Eve was the first woman on Earth── then, I am the last. My name is Dawn. The last girl on the planet. This is my diary." 🖇 COMPLETED Date Started: October 30, 2017 Date Finished: November 11, 2017

  • My Possessive Boss
    687 106 11

    Bosses. They lead one thing to another in one company. They are all over the world. But there are some bosses that are just cold as ice, right? Meet Gion Whitford- One of Asia's most successful bosses and doctors the world has ever known. He has everything in the world but one- love. People fear him due to his attitud...

  • Crazy Portfolio..😅
    1.4K 186 30

    Want a cover for your book? .... Look inside and feel free to ask. And there is no need for any payment. Am just so obsessed with Canva and pinterest that I usually make so many covers for LOL nothing 😅😅.

    29.7K 1.1K 11

    24 teens will serve as tributes for the twelve districts of South Korea. They are forced to compete in the Hunger Games where they will fight to death. At the end only one will be left standing. Who will survive? Kpop au (bts × got7 × blackpink × twice) Started: june 2018 Finished: september 2018

    5.4K 633 10

    There are two imposters among us. Finish your tasks, and find them before you get killed. Don't trust anyone, and try to stay alive. MULTIFANDOM AMONG US AU.

  • book covers {TAKING NO NEW REQUESTS}
    22.3K 3.4K 196

    hey everyone wants some cool covers here are!! no payments. ONLY WANT TO MAKE YOU ALL HAPPY!!! * aesthetics, certificate, stickers and book cover * credit goes to all artwork designers because I respect them from heart * #5 in book covers* *#2 in illustration * *#1 in fabulous * Thanks @Snowflakish_ Well she's going t...

  • Book covers [Hiatus until 2021]
    3.4K 215 74

    If you want a book cover Pm me and I'll make you one just tell when what your book is about that what type of things u want on the cover and I'll post them in my book for you to use

  • Book covers [Temporary Hiatus]
    5.1K 1K 83

    [temporary hiatus; not accepting requests at the moment] ... The covers give the insight of the story so choose wisely. A book full of fancovers and the requests are all present here. P.S: I'm still learning and always open for constructive criticism also I'm not amazing at aesthetics for this book so forgive me for...

  • Two Different Worlds Apart
    26 5 5

    "I Hate you!!" Two different people, with two different lifestyles, but at the same place. The two never got along with each other and probably never will...The weird thing is that fate brought them both together.

  • Forbidden Line
    236 35 4

    Two people cross paths and fall in love unexpectedly, until they come to a realization that they were just not meant to be Not every story ends in happily ever after, or maybe they do; just not the happy ever after they expected?

  • ~•Dream•~ [Park Jimin x Reader]
    129 37 13

    ~•Dream•~ It started out from dreams-or Fantasies. But one day it turned real.

  • Maid To Be Yours
    254 69 6

    Paano kung ang taong pinagsisilbihan niya ang siyang bibihag sa puso niya sa di malamang dahilan?

  • he loves me , he loves me not
    325 23 8

    have you ever played that game with a flower and that game tells you if somone you like is having love for you or no. This story is about a beautiful girl with a hateful mind and loving heart and two playboy boys that like her. If you want to know more read the story.

  • Summer of love [Book 1]
    1.1K 142 32

    Two people that met at a waterpark, once they laid their eyes at each other...they never had felt this strong feeling in them. It was like love at first sight. Will they start dating? Read the story to know more 🙂 Hope you enjoyed 😄

  • Summer is Love [Book 2]
    736 236 48

    You have to read summer of love to understand this story, Cuz if you don't it would be really confusing. Weidriel is pregnant and worried...while mico is the dad of the baby and he doesn't know what to do..since his "psychotic ex girlfriend" is back in town planning to get Mico back... It might be a struggle for Weid...