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    "Y-You are-" "The man who will be between your legs tonight." *** Fraser Wright, also known as Reaper from the Southside Serpents has a long list of fuck buddies all over the town. Having sex for one night and then throwing them in the morning is what he's best at. Relationships? Hell, he would rather poke his own ey...

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    Highest Rank #42 in adventure (20/10/18) "You don't have to say a word. All you have to do is moan when I finally take you against the wall." *** When Snipper was given the job to protect one of the Serpent's sister, he really wasn't expecting to meet the lost beauty who took his breath away the moment his eyes took...

  • LETHAL (Devil's Shadow MC, BOOK 1) SAMPLE
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    *Published with Limitless Publishing* Pre-order on 27th April Release on 7th May Highest Rank #17 in Action. [20/10/18] "She thinks she's strong enough to fight me. I'm about to prove her wrong." *** My only goal is to keep my club safe at all cost. I don't let anyone in, and I never show weakness. All it takes is on...

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