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  • Amor de Rey (EDITING)
    1.4M 46.1K 31

    Survival, no matter what. That is what kept Victoria alive. A young girl with a troubled past learned to take care of herself by dealing in drugs. Money is the only thing she wishes for, to find a way out of her dreadful life. Highly skilled and fierce, a lack of human emotions, the girl learned how to protect h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rise Above
    767K 29.8K 25

    There's something killing the alphas around Maviz, planet of the werewolves. Dallas Crane is the best and number one officer in the Peace Force and Investigation Team - he loathes that his omega status makes people want to walk all over him and so he takes it as a challenge to anyone on a higher status. Then he meet...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bite Me Kitten | ✔️
    5M 162K 29

    "Don't underestimate me, Hunter." I gulp, trying to sound unaffected by our close proximity. His lips are inches away from mine when he whispers with a smirk "Bite me, Kitten." ----------------------- "When a boy with anger issues meets a girl with even bigger anger issues..." Scarlet has been through quite a bit, b...

  • Reckless Fearless Careless | ✓
    222K 6.4K 58

    "What are you doing here?" I ask but it comes out as a sob. I don't want him, or anyone for that matter, to see me like this. I'm a wreck. Wyatt doesn't seem to mind though. He softly brushes the remaining tears from my face with his thumb. "I saw you run out of the canteen, green eyes. I couldn't just leave you here...

  • The Devil's Claim.
    357K 12.3K 38

    BOOK 1 "I'm not your slave." I snapped at him, earning a grin. "No, you're not. You're my possession." He replied. My blood turned cold and I pushed myself away from his desk. "You can't own a person." I whispered horrified. He looked up at me, amusement danced in his eyes. "You're not a person, you're a nephilim...

  • A Circus of Ink [INK BOOK 1]
    1M 78.9K 48

    A boy cursed by ink. A girl doomed to die. A story made to be broken. --- In a dystopian world where ink and stories are forbidden, Elle has a dangerous power; creation. That's why tattooed military Blotter, Jay, is sent to kill her... --- A DYSTOPIAN FANTASY ROMANCE from the author of CUPID'S MATCH and THORN --- [...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Connection
    424 130 19

    The problem all began three months ago. He didn't want to be alone. I didn't want to be alone. The rest is history. ______________________ Emmi Parths hates highschool. She isn't some social outcast, but growing up in a small town with idiotic rumors spreading every fives minutes, she isn't particularly crazy about d...

  • The Devil Is My Guardian
    21.7M 628K 28

    One thing I'll always remember is my parents saying "Everyone has a story" "Everyone has a story with a past, tragic or not. Everyone has a story that is meant to go unjudged, even if it was never told" But sometimes we forget that. Like when I though that my guardian was the devil. Even though he taught me how to lau...

    Completed   Mature
  • Charade Games | Completed
    44.3K 1.6K 58

    Alden Worrick is the next Don. Next don of the Castro famillia, a dominating famillia in Italy. Well a better term is Mafia. Leo Cavalcanti is the underboss. He's a sophisticated man with a strict life and happens to be Alden's 'friend'. Their favorite childhood game? "Charades." ...

    Completed   Mature
  • BOUND Little Bird
    1.5M 87.1K 97

    [WATTYS 2018 LONGLISTED + WATTPAD PICKS - Up and Coming List - 06.07.2018] He hitched a leg up, and rested his forearm on his bent knee. His eyelids grew a little heavier, smile a little lazier. "Unbutton your dress," he said softly, still caressing my inner thigh with his hand. My eyes flared wide. "Pardon?" He lean...

  • Gods of Malcea
    212K 13.9K 62

    In the land of gods and monsters, humans plagued Malcea with their wars. Their love for treasure, pleasure, and power caused them to forsake the gods. The gods did nothing for thousands of years but watch, in grief and anger, the madness of their creations unfold. Just as the humans were on the cusp of war with the dr...

  • Freedom {LGBT+} EDITING
    53K 3K 41

    Prince Cormac has unanswered questions. Seeking those answers he fell in love in the process. What does his father have to say about it?

  • The boy society stole
    200K 11.7K 43

    After returning to her small hometown, Laurali must survive the bullying and torment she receives for being the daughter of a misunderstood and mentally ill mother. With everyone against her, Laurali must depend on the safety and love from a mysterious new boy she never anticipated trusting; a boy who's been sent out...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bitches Broken Hearts
    54.7K 4.4K 25

    Get ready for teen drama, messed-up relationships, deep secrets and murders with these bitches broken hearts! ~ Lena and Rowan; the popular duo. Michelle and Joseph; the strong relationship. Tony and Wyatt; the gay partners. These are the most well-known couples from Katerina High since they started freshman...

  • Deal With the Devil | ✔️
    11.2M 362K 40

    PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT AND THERE ARE GRAMMAR MISTAKES I pushed at his chest, but it was useless. He stayed, his arms caging me in. "Anastasia," he hummed against my ear, my name rolling off his tongue. "I know you want me just as bad as I want you." I couldn't deny it anymore, I was his. ~>~ A roman...

  • Superhero Chaos ✔️
    195K 8.9K 34

    "Every time I knock you out, you drool," Phantom points at my black shirt sleeve with a gloved finger. I groan in frustration, there's a puddle of drool on it! Talk about embar-ras-sing... "Then here's an easy solution: Don't knock me out," I say snidely as an attempt to keep my nonexistent pride. "What makes you thin...

  • The Gang Leader's Angel {Completed}
    14.1M 474K 33

    In Jacob Hunters world there is no place for innocence. Becoming a gang leader at the age of 19 he was forced into a position he never wanted in the first place but a year later, he's embraced it completely by becoming the ruthless, menacing leader of the 'Scorp' gang. His life is all guns and no play. At least it was...

  • Fallen From Grace | ✔
    142K 4.4K 31

    It's said that an angel's blood can resurrect a person. The purer the blood, the more powerful the resurrection. To find an angel is hard, but to get their blood is even harder. Imogen and her sisters are down on Earth for a "trip". She's left with two other angels, one who wants to commit sin. They're ambushed an...

  • I'm Not His Type. (Boyxboy)
    3.5M 115K 41

    "I want you. Why don't you want me?" James Kinsey your average gay teenager with a long life crush on the high school quarterback who happens to not be gay. Kevin Malone, the hot quarterback, who sleeps with anyone that will give him consent. When the two of them have to work together on a class project they both star...

  • Darkly Devoted (Book 1)
    426K 11.8K 62

    Vivienne didn't believe in vampires until she started to suspect her prince might be one. Which will she sacrifice - humanity or love? ***** Vivienne lives in a world where girls are chosen to become consorts of royalty, aristocrats and the filthy r...

  • The Suicide Girl [Completed]
    4.1K 140 76

    A girl who wanted nothing but to fall. A boy who knew nothing but to rise. Cheryl Faun and Tristan Tanner had their differences. Knowing each other since kindergarten, the two never really communicated properly. Or, well, Cheryl pushed Tristan away with any chance she got. A regular day to them would be a faceless...

  • When The Sun Goes Down - A Midnight Mafia Novel
    15.4M 659K 64

    ----- In serious need of revision! ----- Wanna-be journalist Kate Santoro would do anything for the scoop. Anything. Including finding her way into an underground club exclusive to only those in the Genovese mafia and the beautiful women they employee. What could be more perfect? She would stick to the shadows, snap...

  • Psycho Billionaire ✔️
    6.7M 327K 58

    Highest Rank #1 (4/9/17) "Why do you want me to stay here?" I asked. "Because I think you are beautiful and I would like a woman like yourself by my side." Jasper said. "I'm really sorry, I can't stay here. You have already done enough for me." His brows arched up, "I'm not giving you a choice, sweetheart and neither...

  • It Starts With You [B×B] |✔
    118K 5.2K 35

    [ COMPLETED ] #1 in lgbtfiction #6 in Badboy #1 in lgbtlove #1 in deepthoughts Seeing all his friends deeply in love, had Gabriel wondering whether he's incapable of being loved by someone. Don't get him wrong, he did try going on dates with various beautiful girls but he ended up placing them in the friend zone. But...

  • The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse
    217K 18K 58

    When aliens invade, four baristas are forced to become the saviours of the world. Grab your double-shot of java and strap in - it's going to be a bumpy ride! ***** In the Earth's darkest hour, unexpected heroes are stirring... their coffee, that is...

  • Chasing Bad✔[Rewritten][Currently Being Edited]
    694K 27.1K 59

    **WINNER OF THE REBEL AWARDS 2017** ~Broken Series~ Book 1 Noelle Roberts, a girl who has lost one parent to suicide and seems to be losing another is met once again with a life-altering challenge when she soon becomes intertwined in the life of her schools' juvenile delinquent. Bein...

  • The Boy with the Broken Wings | ✓
    1.8M 101K 47

    ❝His love roared louder than her demons.❞ Nessa Coleman wishes she was like any other 17-year-old girl out there. But unfortunately for her, not every 17-year-old girl has an abusive drug addict for a mother and a deceased father the cause of it. Forced to deal with pain in anger, Nessa lives a life filled with bruis...

  • Lucifer's obsession
    835K 21.9K 55

    His pupils dialate and a smirk shudders my whole body just looking at it. He lowers his head and burries his head in my neck. A slight gasp leaves my lips as I can feel a low chuckle against my neck. "S-stop Luc-" I was cut off by his hot breathing hitting my soft skin. "You don't want me to stop. I know you don...

    Completed   Mature
    34.4K 6.7K 22

    Him. Life wasn't easy for him in the past. He was kind and caring until he learned how the world treated us in return of kindness. He swore, swore that he would be back for revenge. He would be feared by all. No one will dare to look his way let alone defy him. He would create blood wars without batting an eyelash...

  • The Quarterback's Girl
    972K 43.6K 85

    I'm running, my dress bunched up in my fists. But I'm not running for my life I'm running for his, and when I see him I stop. There is one bulky man on either side of him, they have their arms linking his, he's kneeling in front of someone with raven black hair. As we get closer, I see his pain in the way he's holding...