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  • Adventures of Spierfeld
    50.9K 1.6K 34

    A cute story of Bram and Simons love for each other -completed- (I don't own any of the characters from the book all rights to Becky Albertalli)

  • Sander sides- Vampire (Paused)
    67.1K 2.9K 68

    (⚠️Warning ⚠️There are spelling mistakes, it's a long book, I will fix them AFTER the book is done! So please stop writing them in the comments!) Thank you. This book has season 1, 2 and 3 in it and in order. Vampires! You hear about them In every horror movie but what if they are different from what you have know...

  • Survival of the fittest. DISCONTINUED
    1.5K 132 10

    It had been 10 years since the virus had spread and the human civilisation is scares. An young saviour is trying to make due with the life style he was born and raised in. He used of being alone.. He likes being alone.. However that changes when he comes across an group of saviours who know what life was like befor...

  • [Rewriting] -- Anxious Dreams
    1.7K 116 7

    One day, Roman finds that he has feelings for Virgil. Upon asking Remy if Virgil is single, Roman is convinced that he has absolutely no chance with Virgil. But he doesn't know one important detail... Meanwhile, Virgil has always dreamed of having that perfect relationship. Years ago, he had feelings for Roman, but h...

  • Hanahaki Disease // Sanders Sides - Virgil
    233K 9K 63

    Virgil's in love with Roman. It's as simple as that. Except, it's not. Roman despises Virgil. He's constantly belittling him and making it clear that he does not enjoy Virgil's role as a Main Trait. No one knows anything about Virgil's feelings towards Roman, not even when Virgil starts coughing petals. He intends to...

  • Lies
    4.8K 241 10

    A/N: Okay this is made when deceit was just introduce, so if anyone reads this in the future and it's WAYYY off to how he is then, that's why. Notes: And some mention of Logically Violence Toxic relationship Fighting physically Panic attacks

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Deserve You {Second book to Lies}
    1K 92 8

    I want you But I can't have you But I need you Please don't leave me for my mistake I sent him free to me and now he's control Please help me, save me I love you Virgil... ~~~~

    Completed   Mature
  • We Could Be Heroes
    5.9K 174 15

    "Deceit." "Virgil." Deceit loves Virgil. Virgil loves Deceit. But Virgil falls in love with another side. (One or two sentences per chapter, updated twice every day)

  • Goodbye my lover (Patton x Virgil)
    5.3K 397 21

    ●Completed● Today was the day that Virgil was finally going to confess his love to Patton, which he had been bottling up for years. However, when he finally reached his room, he was in for an unpleasant surprise * Based off of one of my one shots from my "Moxiety One Shots" book that I liked so much that I decided to...

    Completed   Mature
  • It Started With a Note - Prinxiety
    1.1K 76 4

    A Prinxiety Fanfiction TW: Homophobia and Cursing It started with a note. An innocent, frustrated note scribbled into the wood of an old desk in the school study room. It ended with a promise. A knee in the dirt and a ring in hand. The story that comes between is complicated and confusing and it wouldn't make sense to...

  • Over And Over, Again And Again. (Sanders Sides Fic)
    17.5K 791 13

    The anxious side had a major mishap with the creative one during one of Thomas' videos. That happened again the next day, and the day after, and again. He denies to himself that this is happening, that he's somehow repeating the same, horrible day again and again. As much as he hopes tomorrow will come, it never does...

  • The Boy In The Hoodie [Moxiety]
    33.3K 1.4K 14

    The Boy In The Hoodie sits under the overhang of the closed down cinema. One day, Patton drives by and simply can't help but stop for him. The plan is simply to help the boy, but what becomes is so much more. COVER ART IS NOT MINE Idea came from a comment by @angstwithanP Patton x Virgil Sanders fan fiction. Angst an...

  • Run Away...
    127K 4.3K 31

    Virgil was never liked by the other traits, only the darker traits like Depression and Jealously however when Depression and Jealously fade he's left by himself. Abused, Humiliated, Embarrassed, Hated is things the other think. {All Characters Belong To Thomas Sanders} Trigger Warning: Panic Attacks, Suicide, Bullyin...

  • Truth or dare (sander sides)
    115K 3.5K 196

    Yes I know a lot of people do this but...I want to do this. So please leave comments, ??

  • Together-A Prinxiety Angst {Completed}
    197K 6.7K 68

    {COMPLETED} None of these characters are mine! They belong to Thomas Sanders! Check him out on YouTube :) TW- Eating Disorders Suicidal thoughts Sad stuff Maybe Smut Dark Topics If any of theese make you feel uncomfortable THAN ESCAPEEEEE {COMPLETED}

  • How to Get Away With Murder (Analogical)
    75.8K 3.5K 16

    Step One: Get Kidnapped Step Two: Freak Out a Little Step Three: Learn More about Him Step Four: Fall in Love with Kidnapper in Some Shitty Stockholm Syndrome Shit Virgil doesn't even remember what happened. He remembered going for a walk, then a face, then it all went black, and the next thing he knew, he was tied u...

  • Broken Power (Prinxiety) [Complete]
    59.7K 2.6K 22

    Virgil was already a freak, or what is more commonly known as an outcast for having heightened anxiety. If that weren't bad enough, he has telekinetic powers. He hides his powers and himself from the rest of the world; fearing nothing more than to get attached to someone and drag them down, like he's done in the past...

  • The Tragedy of Roman and Virgil
    15.4K 507 14

    Before you read this story, you must read "Virgil- Sander Sides" because this is the sequel. In this story, Virgil comes back from the dead. Everyone is happy and glad that he's back. Especially Roman. But there's just one small problem...

  • Listen to Me | Prinxiety
    61.8K 3.8K 29

    [Cover Drawn and edited by @Pyangsi] - This is the sequel to my other book 'Shine and be mine' so please read that book first before reading this book or some plot/character arcs may not make sense! - After losing his hearing in both ears, Roman struggles to lead a regular life after nearly a year of being hospitalize...

  • Sanders Sides- Virgil
    311K 9.3K 82

    Virgil is sad, lonely, and depressed, though he won't tell anyone. Not even Thomas knows. But will Virgil ever break out of his shell or will he always be trapped in his Hell? The second book is "The Tragedy of Roman and Virgil" and the third book is "The Labyrinth back to You".

  • The Curse of Virgil Sanders
    57.6K 2.1K 13

    Roman takes Virgil on a mission to go take down the Dragon Witch. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned. Trigger Warnings: Panic attacks (like A LOT of panic attacks)

  • Lost boy
    974 44 7

    "There was a time Where I was alone No where to go And no where to call home"

  • What happened to virgil?
    52.9K 1.9K 11

    Roman finds an old spell book and turns virgil into a baby, the roman and logan have no idea how to baby sit but luckily patton does

  • WE SWAPPED!? ~Sander Sides Fanfiction~
    15.6K 352 10

    What happens when the opposites (Logan-Patton and Virgil-Roman) swap bodies? What will they learn will it end in tragedy? Will they learn to love each other? Or learn about their love for each other? Virgil is now Creativity. Roman is now Anxiety. Logan is now Morality. And Patton is now Logic. Can they get through it...

  • When The Prince Met Anxiety (Prince x Anxiety)
    59.4K 2.8K 10

    Two clashing skies A misunderstood thunder storm and a sunset that wants to be friends Characters belong to Thomas Sanders

  • Bad Guy
    62.4K 2.6K 15

    Anxiety was the villain, the bad guy, or at least that's what everyone told him. Maybe, he didn't need to be the bad guy anymore. General TW include self harm (during attacks), past abuse and manipulation. Death pre-fic.

  • Ready As I'll Ever Be: Sanders Sides AU
    137 0 3

    Roman was a peasant boy, who always wanted to be a prince. However, he has no royal blood in him at all. He would have to settle for being a knight instead. Eventually, becomes King Thomas' closest and most loyal friend. One day, he is scouting the woods, looking for danger, when he comes across a man, with a snake ey...

  • Bad Guy (Sanders Sides)
    102K 3.5K 28

    Anxiety wasn't always the bad guy, but no one else seemed to understand that. The only way to get his emotions out was through poems, songs, and paintings, since he couldn't let the other sides see him so vulnerable. He was still the youngest though, but the others seemed to forget that. I don't own the characters, on...

  • Ready As I'll Ever Be
    21.4K 1.4K 20

    (Book #1 of Sanders Sides Movie-Verse Series) Thomas and the Sides decided to have a Disney type of vacation in the mind. Roman creates a kingdom and has Thomas be king. What no one counted on would be Deceit trapping them all there and turning Roman into the villain of this Disney fiasco. Virgil has to be the role o...

  • I'm Not Always the Bad Guy
    97.2K 3.4K 11

    BANG BANG BANG Crying, screaming, red, red everywhere "A-Anxiety?" I look terrified at the voice. "Thomas, I'm sorry, please. Thomas I'm so so-sorry." WARNING: This book will be discussing sensitive and triggering topics. I am not an expert in these topics so if there are discrepancies then please feel free to point t...