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  • Alpha Queen [1]
    5.1M 183K 28

    "Who was your first kiss?" He asked, very serious and my face started reddening. "I. . . I haven't been kissed. Yet." I stuttered and looked away, not having the courage to meet his eyes and admit this. "Why not?" Why was he asking me this? "You obviously know why. I'm average, I'm just a normal girl-" I was interrupt...

  • Enemy Queen [2]
    801K 39.3K 28

    "Give it up already. Nobody wants you. Go back, then I can go off on my own again." Troy told me without feeling. He looked at me like I was an unwanted stranger. I then realized my true feelings. I would always come back to him. "Do you. . . really not want me here?" My voice was competing with the wind and it sounde...

  • Deadly Queen [3]
    483K 24.3K 28

    "What are you doing in here?" I was about to snap at the werewolf to leave me alone since I wasn't in the mood but stopped once I locked gazes with him. I felt my anger disappear and I forgot what I was going to say. He seemed to be affected in the same way. His eyes widened behind the mask and his mouth was half open...

  • The Moon Goddess [4]
    2.1M 83.1K 34

    She was born with the power to control the universe at her finger tips. An immortal deity carved from the stars, she reserved her powers to watch over werewolves and rule their domain. However, she doesn't remember any of her past life. Because her name is Maddy Aster, a full-blooded, painfully average human girl who...

  • Lost Queen [5]
    512K 25.4K 28

    Everyone was going to know- "Name?" I flinched, coming back to reality, "Lia Deliz." "Put your arm in the machine, please," The doctor person instructed and I slowly inserted my right arm. Please don't do this. Please don't work. My worst nightmare was happening right before my eyes. And I wanted to wake up. Relieved...

  • Becoming Queen [6]
    266K 12.7K 28

    Before I could even process what was happening, a large hand grabbed my mouth and pulled me back. My back hit the wall as two hands constricted around my neck, blocking the air from reaching my lungs. Through my blurry vision, I stared up at a tall, dark figure, his eyes narrowed sharply. "No hard feelings, I'm only d...

  • His Queen [7]
    58K 2.5K 22

    And there he was, sitting beside the window, staring back at me with intense brown eyes. It was him. . . it was my mate! His lips were parted and he looked like he wanted to say something. Just with one look, my body jumped to life and I pushed through the crowd to get closer, not breaking eye contact. I thought he'd...