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  • BTS x Reader Fantasy AU
    65.7K 2.5K 14

    A collection of BTS x Reader one-shots from my Tumblr set in a fantasy AU. It's a whole lot of fluff.

  • BTS x Reader Soulmate AUs
    130K 3.9K 16

    A collection of BTS x Reader Soulmate AUs from my ARMY Amino page <3.

  • BTS x Reader Disney AU
    9.4K 425 7

    Following in the same vein as my Soulmate x Reader and Fantasy x Reader stories, I bring you the Disney AU, in which we find each of our favorite boyband members plopped into a Disney-style fairytale...with a twist.

  • Plastic Heart - Namjoon x Reader
    41.6K 2.2K 23

    When you get the highly-anticipated BTS dolls for Christmas, your life gets turned on its head in a way you could have never expected...

  • I Was taken by an idols (BTS x Hybrid Reader)
    121K 2.2K 17

    Y/n is an Cat Hybrid which she was born in a hybrid shop, later she found some 7 handsome mens looking for an hybrid, guess what's happens next... WARNING There will be some dirty things in each other

  • The Lucky Girl → BTS
    6.6K 275 14

    EDITING; new chapters coming soon ( BTS x reader ) " How can a girl like me all of a sudden become a member of BTS? " " I'm so lucky! " This story will let you experience romantic, funny, and sometimes awkward situations of you being the 8th, lucky, and only female member of BTS. What will happen between you and th...

  • My Little Neko(Kim Namjoon X Reader)
    186 9 2

    "She was mine.....Until 'you' took her"chanyeol said "CHANY"Her voice was faint as she yelled for chanyeol "I will get you back princess"said chanyeol until he passed out "NOOO CHANYEOL"you yelled

  • BTS Sibling Fluff (Oneshots Pt 2)
    90.6K 2.3K 35

    Here is another series of BTS Sibling Oneshots.

  • BTS Sibling fluff (One Shots + COMPLETED)
    203K 4.6K 47

    I'll be adding your age in the chapters and you will be with BTS as siblings!! Also BTS will always be older than you or Jungkook as your twin. Taehyung and Jimin are twins. Namjoon and Yoongi are twins. Oldest to youngest: Jin Yoongi and Namjoon Hoseok Jimin and Taehyung Jungkook You Even if you and Jungkook is y...

  • Aegyo? BTS J-Hope x Reader
    5.3K 277 1

  • My Melody {Min Yoongi x Reader}
    85.3K 2.6K 21

    "What has keys but can't hear the beauty it creates? A piano." A piano that also saves their lives. A piano that draws them to each other. A piano that creates beauty in more ways than one. Note: Any song reference, title, etc. doesn't belong to me. It all goes to Smyang Piano on YouTube and BigHit entertainment.

  • Who's who? || A BTS x Reader story ||
    114K 4.1K 33

    "And you! How does one even break off the leg of a bed to begin with!?" ✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✃✁✃✁✃✁ THIS IS OLD SO BEWARE!! like 2016 OLD im trying to rewrite it atm tho! ✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✃✁✃✁✃✁ Y/n, a girl who only listens to one k-pop group, is being coaxed into going to a concert held by a band she's never heard of. • Will...

  • Their Little ARMY (Reader X BTS Fanfic)
    324K 9.7K 54

    You have been supporting BTS since the day they debuted and ever since then you have tried to find ways to make yourself a "better A.R.M.Y". You took the time to learn the dances and the lyrics to practically all their songs. You did everything possible to get your friends to become an A.R.M.Y and successfully getting...

  • Dope [BTS x Manager!reader]
    78K 2.2K 29

    "Hm? Welcome, first time with BTS?" As the manager for BTS, your job involves managing these boys to stardom. Sounds simple? Think again. Never in your job role did it state to involve you in their personal lives. "Ughh! It feels like I'm babysitting seven kids!"

  • The Secret (BTS x Reader)
    148K 5.6K 16

    You were casted into BigHit entertainment to become a male idol. But you aren't a male... So you hide your gender from BTS while you train with them. What would happen if they found out you were female? Would they ever find out, or will you hide your secret forever? Will you fall for one of the members, even if you'r...

  • The Apocalypse 2 (Btsxreader ff)
    21.8K 660 32

    An apocalypsed had happened but got solved,only for things to go wasted. Be prepared for a battle... *Most Impressive Ranking: #100 - zombieapocalypse (6/17/18) *Most Impressive Ranking: #59 - zombieapocalypse (6/24/18)

  • The Apocalypse (Btsxreader ff)
    79.2K 2K 37

    What would you do when you are a good student and has 7 friends studying when the explosions and apocalypse started? *Most Impressive Ranking: #23 out of 24.6k - zombie (8/21/20) *Most Impressive Ranking: #279 - apocalypse (6/2/18) *Other Rankings: #21 out of 2.58k - teamwork (8/21/20) #935 - brother (5/11/18)

  • I Need U ||BTS Jungkook X Reader Fanfiction||
    39.3K 911 42

    (Y/N) and her friends are going to the concert of their most favourite-est boy group, BTS. What will happen from then on? Will her bias notice her? Will there be any obstacles? "I love you so much, (Y/N). Don't scare me like that" "I can't promise not scaring you anymore but I can promise to love you for as long as I...

    Completed   Mature
  • BTS Reactions + Imagines
    215K 3.5K 71

    For all you ARMY scrubs who are like me and fantasize about BTS daily. I got you. #1 in worldwidehandsome

  • Whole. BTS preferences
    904K 14.6K 196

    As of 27th of April: #166 in fanfiction As of 27th of July: #233 in fanfiction As of 2nd of August: #154 in fanfiction -whoopzi©

  • Bts Preferences
    198K 2.3K 27

    *requests closed*

  • BTS Preferences (Complete)
    144K 2.2K 36

    ||Highest rank #59 in btsboys|| "INSFIRES MAAANNNNNN!" A book of BTS preferences, and maybe some imagines or one shots here and there. **COMPLETE**

  • Star (Kim Namjoon X Reader)
    59.9K 2.7K 27

    "You really think I'm normal?" - She's completely in love with him. He has a life changing secret. - Kim Namjoon X Reader (THIS IS COMPLETELY FICTIONAL. THIS STORY INCLUDES FANTASY CREATURES)

  • The 8th member(Bts)/ Bts x reader
    2.5K 42 20

    When Ji su goes on a trip to Korea she has no idea what she's getting herself into. Her best friend(Hoseok) invited her to stay at his house. She then realizes that he is part of a super popular Korean boy band. She meets all of the members and she knows all of them from her past! Will this effect her stay in Korea? R...

  • Are You Okay? [Jin x Suicidal male reader]
    57.9K 2.7K 11

    (Y/n) is the most bullied guy at school-for being gay- and he had no friends, and always felt lonely and sad except with his mother, and Bts. At a fanmeet, (Y/n) feels accepted and happy, because he was accepted there, unlike at his school, and because he is well aquainted with Bts, he always goes to fanmeets, and...

  • BTS Reactions, Texts, Scenarios and Smuts
    566K 9.7K 129

    This book will consist of BTS Reactions, Texts, and Scenarios. You can request by commenting (preferred) or by messaging me. You cannot request smut through messaging but you can request it through comment or making a post on my wall.. They will be on here as well as on my Tumblr: jimin-jungshook-over-literalbae. I d...

  • Ours (Bts ABO)
    101K 3.6K 22

    "I'm sorry for upsetting you," Jimin says. He presses himself closer to Jungkook, as if to offer himself up as an apology. Jungkook strokes Jimin's hair and neck gently. "You didn't upset me," Jungkook says. "I just don't like seeing my pack have a hard time." "Your pack?" Jimin looks up questionly. "Yeah. I think of...

    Completed   Mature
  • BTS Imagines & Scenarios
    196K 3K 60

    Hello everyone! This is an imagine & scenarios book for BTS. (REQUEST FOR IMAGINES ARE OPEN) If you want to request something: Comment or private message me what your name is, who you want to be with, what will be happening, and where this will all take place. For now I am going to stay away from smut, so please none...

  • soft - m. yoongi
    431K 17K 56

    ♡ ❝ why do you call me gigi bear? ❞ ❝ because you're soft, just like a teddy bear. ❞ mafia/killer au a min yoongi short story by lavenderow ✨ milestones ✨ [ 12/18 ] #1 [ #romancefanfiction ]