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    +18 MATURE CONTENT "No Rest For The Wicked." Zahra Faizan is on the hunt to tame the monsters that prowl the earth day and night. But this was bigger than she anticipated, and she might just need the best heist crew she knows, and the man she loves, to make her mission possible. A phone call, A vision, Hope, and One...

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    +18 MATURE CONTENT "Even The Wicked Needs Love." ELIO MARINO, also known as IL MALVAGIO 'The Wicked' is a man whose presence alone is enough to evoke a silence more sinister than the one from a graveyard. Nothing could shake him, or so he believed. ZAHRA FAIZAN was trouble. Growing up with men who treated bullets like...

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  • Sleeping With A Demon
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    He needed sex, I was there. He needed a submissive woman who came running when he called, I was available. But when I needed him the most, he neglected me. He left me to rot and die in prison. Now I'm back, and I'm back to bring him down to his knees. *** Aubrey Chandler never entertained the rumours that swirled arou...

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  • 14 Nights In Emeliano's Bed
    18.7M 627K 47

    Forced to spend two weeks with a monster like Emeliano Alfredo, Innocent and determined Rebecca Lewis's life changed for the worse. *** Traveling back to the town where she was born, Rebecca Lewis had a toe to toe argument with the most ruthless bastard in the city; little did she know that her not-so-clever act would...

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  • Marrying Mr. CEO
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    Season 1 of Marrying Mr. CEO They had the perfect life. Highschool sweethearts, college couple and finally, married couple. But what happens when it all gets ruined overnight? After five years of being apart, Damien Chesterfield and Amy Dimple are brought together by fate, more like a board meeting; but when Damien fi...

  • Westbane
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    Moving to Westbane for a fresh start, ex-army officer, Elfrida Stevenson is thrust into a crazier world of supernatural creatures. ***** Reporting to duty as the deputy sheriff of Westbane, Elfrida thinks she's finally getting a break from danger and drama. Still, when an abnormal case pops up in the little town, Elf...

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  • Elroy and Fay Extras
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    10 chapters In which I give you the inside scoop to Elroy and Fay's life together... check out Dating Mr. CEO to read their story.

  • His First July
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    [WATTYS 2021 SHORTLIST] With only one month left to live, an eighteen-year-old is forced to attend high school and enjoy new experiences: parties, fun and actual friends. **** Colby Willis, an eighteen-year-old who has spent his entire life commuting between his home and the hospital, now has another stop on his route...

  • Loving Mr. CEO
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    THE CHESTERFIELD SERIES #2 (THE CON ARTIST & THE CEO) After being left at the altar, shattered and heart broken, Cade Chesterfield vowed to never be involved with any other woman. Mabel Holland was never one to stick around, she was the kind of girl who jumped from one particular place to another, conning men and wo...

  • My Robotic Boyfriend
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    (COMPLETED) Wattpad NA Featured Novel After ordering a Robotic Boyfriend from an anonymous website on the dark web, Ivy Fisher goes to many length to free him from the strange company. **** With the help of Roman Huxley, a computer genius, Ivy Fisher is out to find out the reason why her Robotic Boyfriend had little t...