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  • bucky barnes smut
    65.9K 895 23

    『 𝙞'𝙢 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙮𝙤𝙪 '𝙩𝙞𝙡 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 』 BUCKYXFEM!READER SMUT •requests are OPEN •requests can be specific or not specific at all •i'll do pretty much everything __________

  • Snapchat Boy // Finn Wolfhard x Reader
    57.6K 1.3K 22

    When The Finn Wolfhard adds you on Snapchat it's kind of a big deal. Finn Wolfhard x Reader ღ

  • babysitter - f.w
    2.1K 72 5

    finn wolfhard is your babysitter.

  • The Odd One Out (Finn Wolfhard x Reader)
    103K 2.5K 32

    "All you do is buy girls all the shoes and purses they want in order to get in their pants, I know how you work Wolfhard, now fuck off." A story in which hatred was just a cover up story for something a little bit stronger. (Started 2/25/18) Also idk y this story blew up 🤷‍♀️

    Completed   Mature
  • Marvel Imagines
    420K 10.9K 92

    REQUESTS ARE OPEN Imagines/one-shots for the Avengers, Loki, the Maximoff Twins, the Winter Soldier, actors, and many other characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • We Read Too
    623 47 11

    It's so hard to find a story where the main character looks like me... So instead of ranting about it, I decided to do something about it!

    5.6K 563 35

    in which the squad come together after sharing secrets, only for many more to be revealed.

    Completed   Mature
  • Avenger's One-shots and Preferences
    446K 7.9K 183

    This is my very first shot at writing this sort of thing online, so apologies if it starts off as crap. I'll be sure to add any warnings ahead of time of each story. I may do fluff but no smut Also, as is the traditional statement, I do not own any of the characters from either the Marvel comics or movies (obviously)...

  • Fred Andrews (love story)
    740 4 2

    Fred Andrews has a crush on pops number one waitress. Ellen Grady

  • A New Beginning
    48.2K 1.6K 25

    Emma Swan is new in town and the towns new sheriff. In a diner her first day there she meets a beautiful brunette and her son. Will Emma find everything she's ever wanted in this new town? Emma is g!p

  • Young & Twisted (Henry Mills)
    88.8K 2.3K 41

    "You're too young to love someone! The both of you!" "How could you say that, and be so cruel?!" Tears were now prickling down my face. "Because I never loved! And neither shall the both of you!" Young Riley Mills was born in the hands of royalty, but wasn't raised. She was raised in the hands of a...

  • imagines - jared gilmore
    7.1K 172 6

    scenarios with your favorite smol bean :-)

  • Imagines
    44.2K 408 14

    Deprived of Henry Mills and Jared Gilmore Fanfics? Then, the daddygilmore squad is here to help! //Smut// //Fluff// //angst//

  • The Grimm Tales ( Henry Mills x reader)
    14.8K 434 26

    Jackob and Y/n are 2 children that get sucked into the curse. Henry who is one of the many few person who respects them as humans tells Y/n that the world they live in isn't real. Cover art isn't mine :/

  • Once Upon A Time One Shots/preferences *AUTHOR IS NO LONGER ACTIVE*
    171K 3.3K 35

    AUTHOR IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. I noticed there were very few/none of these, so I made a book of OUAT one shots. I take requests and write random little ideas that pop into my head. Requests open, please PM them to me. I will do girls, feel free to try and request anyone. Hope you like it! For preferences, I do: Killian...

  • Henry Mills X Reader
    41.6K 1.1K 23

    Your the daughter of Merlin but don't know you go to story brooke and meet some new people and Henry

  • The Savior and The Queen
    2.4K 111 3

    This is my first time writing, so bear with me. This is a Swan Queen fanfic. I hope you like it.

  • Impressing Ms. Mills
    71.2K 2.2K 14

    Regina Mills is a young creative writing teacher at Storybrooke High School in the small town of Storybrooke, Maine. She is known as the 'hot teacher' because she is, in fact, the hot teacher. What happens when a certain blonde student falls in love with her and makes it hard to ignore her feelings?

  • OUAT X Reader - Wicked Love
    68.1K 1.9K 16

    Reader is a normal girl who ends up in Storybrooke and Adopted by Regina becoming her daughter and Henry's sister. After an event that threatens her world she ends up being sent to Enchanted Forest where the trouble only grows from there.

  • Once Upon a time imagines
    319K 6K 111

    Peter pan Felix Bealfire Prince charming Captain Hook Henry Mills

  • OUAT imagines
    84.1K 1.7K 21

    Random imagines about Peter Pan and the lost boys from once upon a time. I will take requests. Enjoy. Will also do others from OUAT.

  • Jared Gilmore and Henry Mills Imagines
    17.1K 352 4

    Hey guys! I'm gonna be writing a bunch of imagines about Jared Gilmore and Henry Mills that you can request! Just comment your request with your name and I will work on it as soon as possible!

  • Ashes
    53 3 1

    One-shot Regina kills David so she can marry Emma. SWAN QUEEN FLUFF

  • This Is a Prank!
    989 44 2

    The cast of Once Upon a Time and the citizens of Storybrooke pull pranks on each other.

  • Anorexia • Jared Gilmore
    5.9K 258 16

    Jared's always been insecure about his body. When he sees all his skinny co-stars, he looks at himself and sees himself as fat. He stops eating, and his weight plummets to a dangerously low number. Can his friend Kayla save him before it's too late? (TRIGGER WARNING)

  • Henry Mills Imagines
    9.7K 179 6

    Welcome to my book of Henry Mills imagines. I hope you like them! {completed} Want more Henry or have a request? Check out my Fandom Imagines book!

  • Including you (Swan Queen)
    60.4K 2.1K 34

    Completed   Mature
  • Robbie Kay/ Peter Pan Smut Book
    41.4K 410 8

    This is a book of sexual fantasies about Robbie Kay and Peter Pan. Feel free to make requests.

  • Dirty Imagines (Peter Pan/Robbie Kay)
    152K 1.3K 8

    Dirty imagines just for you ;)

  • Peter pan/ Robbie Kay imagines
    170K 2.5K 52

    Robbie Kay /peter pan imagines I do smut and requests as well just ask. Some of these are found on tumblr by me and my co writer. CREDIT goes to author if asked to take down I will thank you.