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  • 2:59am : yungi
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    ❝okay, it's a deal. ❞ : yunho works night shifts at seven eleven.

  • Fear |
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    ❞Smile, Princess.❞ Kim Taehyung, a mad man who runs an underground institution that can cure fears. In order to feed his sadistic hunger, he kidnaps unsuspecting victims that have no one to notice their disappearance. He's managed to get away with his torment for years, that is, until he abducts the wrong person. /-un...

  • LINKED ; y.m
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    where min yoongi accidentally sends a porn link to the wrong person (( i wrote this when i was kind of new to bts so if theres anything bad please let me know and ill change it! ))

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    In which Jungkook is a little and his new housemate Taehyung is none the wiser. Italian translation: @koosglitters Polish translation: @JJungkookie11 Spanish translation: @kookiexbottom Romanian translation: @sweetdanger- Turkish translation: @taehyungthedaddy Vietnamese translation: @juphoria Slovak translation: @mik...

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  • daegu boy. | min yoongi √
    2.9M 146K 51

    "If I can use my tears to make you smile....then it's more than worthwhile." ••• what happens when a musically talented boy from daegu occupies the empty home beside yours? an encounter with someone new may not be the ideal situation you expect it to be, but love is unpredictable....right? Highest ranking #18 in FANFI...

  • lights. + myg
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    ❝What the fuck are you doing to my house?❞ When a Christmas-loving, innocent and outgoing girl decorates the house of a grumpy, moody and aggressive grandpa who is actually eighteen-years-old. All Rights Reserved. jimineral © 2015 151126 | STARTED 160510 | COMPLETED WARNINGS: Extremely cringey/cliché/cheesy Bad langua...

    3.1M 171K 76

    Park Jimin was a good boy. Min Yoongi was not. Both boys went to church together with their families. Jimin was only interested in being seen as an innocent angel to his parents, but Yoongi was interested in proving how much of a sinner Jimin could really be.

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