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  • She's The CEO
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    Perkins think Winstons are perfect. McLeans think Winstons are perfect. Garfields think Winstons are perfect. But Winstons don't think Winstons are perfect. And Winstons are not perfect. Winstons just try to be perfect. Because Mrs. Winston wants them to be. Bianca Winston knew that being the CEO of Winston Corp wo...

  • If I Never Loved You (Completed)✔
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    After 3 years of sexual abuse, Antonio found out that woman he abused turned out to be the girl he loved in childhood. Yet Anne had left, and gone with her unborn baby and humiliation she suffered.. Story by jiukun Original Author: Qi Laoyou Modified and detailed by me...with permission...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deviant
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    They thought the war was over for good but they thought wrong. A calamity awaits and time is less. Ryan Shane is the son of the late most powerful alpha who led the Vampire War. Now it's in his hand to protect both the human and mythical community from the Vampire Uprising. But when he finds his mate, Celestia Hales...