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  • Beautiful Obsession
    125K 4.2K 21

    [ #1 in "Rising" Chicklit (4/10) ] "What do you want from me, Hazel?" A muscle in his strong jaw ticks, almost as though it's counting down the seconds until his emotions swallow the both of us whole. I've never met anyone like Tyler. Never met anyone who's so honest about themselves like he is. The good, the bad, th...

  • Off Script (Book #1 of Lights, Camera, Romance! Series)
    1M 29.5K 31

    When two rival actors are forced to charade as an "It Couple", will their make-believe romance turn into reality? ***** Co-stars Jada and Tristan's lives collide when Tristan's careless ways with women bring drama to the set of their new film. His s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rebel Prince (The Season Series #3)
    1.9M 140K 60

    Forced to sail to the sun-drenched kingdom of Ardalone to fulfill a marriage alliance, Prince Thomas of Pretania must choose one of the Ardalonian princesses to be his wife. But every choice comes with consequences. Spurned by Thomas' older brother, Princess Dulciana stands to inherit the throne as she is eldest, but...

  • Obsidian Oracle (IronMoon #4, Obsidian Door Storyline, Scrapped)
    50.7K 4.1K 6

    /********* This version of Obsidian Oracle takes place in the Obsidian Door continuity, which has been scrapped. Do not expect further updates, although I enjoy the Obsidian Door continuity, so I'm going to try to figure out somewhere to use it. *******/ Ceryr rules as Alpha of IronMoon, a strange Wyvern King from a...

  • Brothers (Only 18+)
    933K 19.6K 22

    MATURE Aria's POV It was the mixture of pleasure and pain that made me arch my back and let out a loud moan. I felt his hardness pressing up against my belly when he leaned in to leave a wet trail of kisses on my neck. My whole body shivered in anticipation when he kissed me. I could remember everything he could do t...

  • Primitive Instincts
    676K 24.3K 33

    ~ My skin prickled from the odd sensation of the warmth radiating off of him like an oven, I could smell him from this close and trust me when I tell you he smelt good. Like baked apple slices sprinkled with sugar as well as cinnamon and the spicy musk of sandal wood. I just wanted to close my eyes and fill my nose wi...

  • Beasts of Steel and Bone *WATTYS WINNER*
    23.8K 900 18

    When skin and bone are stolen, darkness uses wings of flesh and lead. ******** Beneath the vibrant city of Mallinasport, awash in the pollution is Imus, a community as bleak as the futures of those who live there. With little foo...

  • The Omens of a Crow [COMPLETE] (Watty 2018 Award-Winner)
    20.5K 1.5K 14

    A deadly plague burns through the village of Bliss, and a weary stranger approaches on a pale horse. The stranger doesn't know what treachery, fear, and pain he might encounter in the desperate village. He thinks he doesn't have anything left to lose. But it's not the plague, the murderers, or the terror he finds that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Throne
    45.8K 2.3K 15

    Built on the blood of others. Forged between battles of dragon's fire. One man watches over his lands. His conquests. But three watch in the darkness. Three wait and wonder how many stabs it takes to kill a king. . . . War? That doesn't quite cover it. *** The art used in the background of the cover is not mine. DM...

  • Taken (Sinful Series:book1)
    860K 53.6K 55

    When Violet's mateless status designated her to serve as a breeder, she marked the very detainee she was assigned to seduce, giving him his life back in exchange for her freedom. Their arrangement, while simple in nature, would bring unforeseen consequences. Two minutes and a half. One hundred and fifty seconds. That...

    Completed   Mature
  • Red Glory
    42.1K 3.1K 13

    Catina never had a reason to hate her strange appearance. Her golden hair and deep brown eyes- eyes that could be mistaken for red- had never caused her any misfortune. Until one night, the great conqueror arrived- a man who wanted the world for himself and would stop at nothing until it bowed at his feet. Catina's a...

  • Pack Law (Fated Series: Book3)
    51.4K 1.7K 2

    ***coming soon*** Kathryn and Joel Rifkin's Story

  • The Office Curve
    12M 156K 46

    "Oh my God, Zara," he whispered, taking a good look at me. The insecurity managed to break through my amorousness. "I knew you were a beautiful woman, but damn, you're about to kill me with those curves." "I..." I wrapped my arms around chest, feebly trying to shield myself from his stare. Shame churned within my...

  • Caine
    16.2M 293K 37

    Caine is the Alpha of the Locus pack. Some say he’s strict, everyone knows he’s unforgiving, and most consider him cruel. After an incident three years ago that marked a very important part of his life, Caine decides to shut himself down from all emotion. Charlotte is a free spirit who relishes in being an easy going...

  • The Spillover Effect
    17.3K 823 10

    When Mia's boyfriend- who also happens to be her boss- blindsides her with a breakup, she's certain that she can perform career damage control. In fact, she has the perfect solution: Connor Murray, a difficult, wealthy client that no real estate agent has been able to convince to take the leap and purchase a house. Mi...

  • oneitis
    517K 13.4K 30

    After an impulsive one-night stand with her crush, Isabelle is left scrambling to perform damage control. If she plays her cards right, she thinks she can tame the infamous womanizer that is Axel Berrington. Axel is baffled as to why he can't get Isabelle off his mind after the steamy night they spent together. But f...

  • Loving Her Curves
    3M 107K 59

    Arthur didn't ever expect anyone to fall for him. From his childhood, he knew and as adulthood set in, he had completely settled at the thought of spending the rest of his life alone. Melia completely shattered those thoughts. Full-figured and jaw-droppingly gorgeous, Melia sauntered into Arthur's life effortlessly...

  • Static (A Vampire Novel) On Hold- Sample Only
    607K 27.4K 6

    [Book Two of Struck] On Hold- Sample Only Consistency. Stability. Control. This is what Elysia struggles for as she fights the wickedness that is growing within her. In a supernatural world where there are many expectations of her, to be submissive or to fight, Elysia wants nothing more than to find peace. But with a...

  • Sovereign Games - ON HOLD
    344K 17.3K 12

    At this point in time, I do NOT plan on continuing this story. I have had to make some very difficult choices in regards to my personal time and schedule. Please respect my decision. If in the future, I can continue the story, I might, but I don't see it happening. I will leave it up for a few months and then prob...

    718K 30K 62

    WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT AND PROFANE LANGUAGE 18 AND OLDER ADVISED. ALL RIGHTS TO THIS STORY ARE RESERVED. The werewolf world is in turmoil. There is constant war and struggle over territory. Alphas are out of control in their quest to be the strongest. What happens when six girls are chosen by the moon goddess to clean...

  • Wolf Cop | Origins
    56.2K 3.6K 39

    "You have the right to remain silent, but I dare to you try..." 💋Paranormal Romance 💋Highest Ranking- Who the hell knows! 💋1st place winner- #WolvesAfterDark As a hot-shot detective in the great city of Chicago, there wasn't much Dominic Hastings hadn't seen in his life time of thirty-three years. 'To Serve and Pr...

  • COAL
    2.4M 135K 56

    A bastard pup... That's all I was. That's all I would ever be. Alpha had allowed me to live. But his gift had not been without cruelty. He made sure of it. .......... WARNING - This story has violence, forced physical acts (both MF, MM). Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved

  • Creature (CENTURIES series: Book #7)
    5.7M 254K 33

    "What are you?" "Lethal." • • • Humans and Creatures. That's what mankind has come to. Some humans were locked up as infants and genetically altered for the purpose of making a stronger specie, and now their offspring have to be tested to see if they are safe to put out into the real world. Having been locked up in se...

  • The Alpha's Breeder ✔️ COMPLETE
    16.9M 594K 57

    After being kidnapped by a group of vengeful werewolves, Emira finds herself in one hell of a situation. Her true soul mate is a Cardinal Alpha who is hell-bent on keeping her. And, to make matters worse, she only has 6 moon cycles to be 'marked, mated, and pupped'. What does that even mean? . . . Snippet : "It has t...

  • My Monster Mate
    6.9M 251K 39

    Arabella Pines is the sweetest person anybody will ever meet. She is selfless and is all ways thinking about others. She is not only rich in kindness, but in beauty. And just like other she-wolves in her pack, Arabella cannot wait to meet her mate. She has wished upon every star, and has prayed to the Moon Goddess to...

  • Mismated
    3.3M 111K 75

    "Fucking take off your clothes and get in that bed before I come back or I'll take you right against this wall, Blue," he growled in my ear, fingers curling round my forearm in warning. "You know what? Fuck you, Booker," I spat, tearing my arm out of his grasp and heading straight to the slightly open door. Suddenly...

  • Steeling Her
    3.1M 65.8K 46

    Nick Jackson is Ole Miss's hottest player on and off the field. Bagging himself a football scholarship to the college of him dreams, he finally gets to focus on playing ball alongside his best friend. Hopping from girl to girl being his usual routine, he returns back to college but with another addition made. His youn...

  • Until I Found You
    4.7M 210K 85

    Nadia Washington spent majority of her life in an overly strict household, being the last child, her parents wanted to protect her from the world and keep her home as long as possible. One day, Nadia decides that she no longer wants to live that life. She wants to be free, experience the world, and make her own choice...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Good Girl's Guide To Dating
    5.6M 2.5K 3

    He's fun, alluring and has great taste in music. He's perfect. There's only one problem...he sleeps with other women for a living. The daughter of a wealthy, black pastor meets a charming stranger. Their chance encounter hurtles them down a path that blurs the lines between convention and transgression, bliss and bet...

  • My Father's Beta
    1.8M 29.4K 29

    At the age of ten the Alpha's daughter was put into hiding, eight years on and now rid of Hunter's Bethany's father has brought her back home to the pack who has been lost without it's Alpha Female since the death of her Mother, but they aren't the only ones who have been lost without her as she'll soon discover.