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  • In love with Kacchan
    123K 2.8K 17

    Our lovely cinnamon roll Deku slowly but unexpectedly falls in love with his childhood friend kacchan. Art cr: @Nocco_02 On Twitter

  • Blind Deku x Kacchan
    369K 12.2K 22

    Izuku Midoriya went blind when he was six years old, but he didn't let that stop him from becoming a hero and destroying All For One. Katsuki Bakugo his childhood bully, realized he hadn't been the nicest to Midoriya. To make it up he shows Midoriya the world without him needing his sight to see. (The titles represent...

  • drunk!Deku and bakugo
    476K 7.1K 16

    I saw so many bakudeku stories so I had too I'm sorry if you don't like sin then don't read this In the first place..

  • bakudeku but uts cringe lol (discontinued)
    64.4K 1.5K 11

    2018 me was kinda cringe ngl lol

  • Katsudeku // die, dIE, KISS ME. wait what
    189K 4.4K 16

    Things are changing between deku and Kachan. Deku is being forced to stay with Kachan for the time being, while his mother goes to visit his now deathly Ill grandfater. Usually Kachan would be mad about the situation, and would never want that quirkless asshole to even be in the same house as him. But for some reaso...

  • {Kiribaku} Catch Me
    476K 12K 9

    Bakugo used to be a nice, sweet boy until he got rejected by his crush. He started to bully people, be mean, get angry for no reason. He never loved anyone until..

  • Mateless. (katsudeku♡)
    355K 15.5K 38

    hiraeth /hiraɪ̯θ/ (noun) a Welsh word for a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places in your past __________________________ Katsuki Bakugou repeatedly broke the heart of the only person that wanted to love him with all...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bakutodo || I Love You (Discontinued)
    99.4K 1.8K 10

    (SMUT) Bakugo has had a crush on Todoroki for a while now and Todoroki likes him back but neither will admit it. Todoroki needs to talk to Bakugo talking all they're there for? Read my other books please.

  • Mine - BakuTodo
    494K 13.1K 36

    Don't take what's others unless your name is Bakugou katsuki. ~ Todoroki has developed a unhealthy crush on Bakugou. He keeps thinking about him and getting distracted by whats happening around him. - Kirishima notices Todoroki's odd behaviour and tel Bakugou about it. - At first he ignores it then they have to sta...

  • Why Him? [ Bakugo x Midoriya ]
    285K 6.9K 12

    What if Bakugo and Midoriya were soulmates? How can they love each other after everything that happened between them? It was a morning like no other. I was awoken by the annoying beeping sound of my alarm clock. Little did I know what would happen after this day. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ This fanfic can contain bad language and...

  • You Belong to Me
    113K 3.2K 29

    Lately Katsuki has been very aggressive towards Izuku, more then usual and everyone has noticed. So when Katsuki asks Izuku to spend a night at his house everyone is worried about what might happen to their friend. Little did Izuku know that one night with his childhood friend would change everything...but not the way...

  • Thor x Loki : The forbidden act
    37.6K 1K 10

    Loki has been locked up in the cell for almost a month and was close to dying. The guards have been harassing him and almost killed him. On orders by Odin. Thor finds out and is ferrous. He takes Loki to earth to protect him. After a few weeks Thor has been feeling different towards Loki... he began to fall in love w...

  • What Happens To Us Now? (Thor x Loki)
    11.8K 338 9

    "I thought you dead." -Thor "Did you Mourn?" -Loki "I never stopped." -Thor "What happens to us now?" -Loki "I don't know..." -Thor Is it true that true love can fix everything? Was there really any true love between these gods?

  • Forbidden Fruit (Thor x Loki)
    56.6K 1.2K 12

    Thor and Loki are brothers, but even the Asgardians can't fight their feelings For each other. It is, infact, forbidden For them to be together. But they don't care, they know they are brothers but Loki is adopted, which doesn't help Thor with his feelings For the younger god. Thor is needed back on midgard and has t...

  • I Promise
    54.2K 1.9K 11

    After Izuku finds out he won't get a quirk, he makes a promise with Kacchan, not to get involved with all this hero stuff since he could endanger his life, a couple years later he incounters All Might and his life starts to change KATSUKDEKU BISH

    155K 6.1K 15

    In this world when you kiss your soulmate you are able to see color. Izuku has gone all 18 years of his life without seeing color. He has spent his whole life with only two friends and one bully. Bakugo hasn't seen color in 18 years. But he doesn't care. He spends most of his college life studying and messing with Dek...

  • Starting Line
    474K 15.7K 48

    What happens when Kacchan starts having feeling for the kid who he terrorized all his life. ~Credit to Chana_Panda4321 for the title~

  • I'm Here || BakuDeku/KatsuDeku
    1.1M 37.5K 51

    [Ranked #1 in 'Katsudeku'&'Bakudeku' 23/6/18] [Ranked #1 in 'Deku' 1/7/18] [Ranked #1 in 'KacchanxDeku' ??/??/19] "I'm here." Midoriya Izuku, an ordinary boy. Too ordinary. In a world full of people with extraordinary powers, being 'quirkless' is the worst! With his schoolboy crush on his bully, Katsuki Bakugou, Midor...

  • Help me Save me
    137K 5.4K 30

    Bakugou acts all tough but under that layer of toughness there is a layer of depression, self bout, self harm, endless nights of crying and starving himself until it hurt. He's a sensitive smol bean and soon finds Kirishima and he makes his life just that tad bit better. Kirishima makes Bakugou feel safe. No quirk. ...

  • My not so secret crush
    834 41 19

    Bakugo has A HUGE crush on Deku but never tells him until one day... Bakugo basically forces Deku to fall in love with him WARNING NSFW~!!!

  • Burned (a Roy x Ed fanfiction)
    164K 5.5K 35

  • Take a chance (Katsuki X Ochaco)
    169K 4.4K 33

    --On Hiatus-- Katsuki Bakugou is a loud-mouthed, arrogant idiot. Ochaco Uraraka is a peppy, spirited little-angel. But what happens when they start to see each other as more than friends? Will Ochako change Katsuki or will Katsuki change Ochako? A Kaccaco fanfiction.

  • Maybe He Doesn't Hate Me (Katsudeku)
    362K 10.3K 29

    {COMPLETE} When Katsuki over hears that someone is in love with Izuku he begins to feel emotions he's never felt before. How will Katsuki deal with his newly found emotions towards Izuku. This story picks up after season 2 episode 10. (Started 13th January 2018) (Ended 16th august 2018) DISCLAIMER: NOT EVEYTHING IN TH...

  • Keep This To Yourself.
    308K 10K 28

    ''Can you keep a secret, Midoriya?'' ''Of course, Kacchan."