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  • I'm back and badass
    14.7K 317 4

    Isabella Conner was a nerd but one day she ran away and found herself by a street race And meet a gang leader he was 37 years old and he needed a new leader and he thought she would be perfect so he helped her. That was the start for her and a real family to her. Isabella was 15 when she ran away. She never stayed...

  • His badass
    61.1K 1.2K 24

    Arabella James- Arabella is 16 years old she has 3 older brothers and one younger brother. She was born into a gang her father's gang. She loves dance she dances at the underground. Milo Copeland- Milo is 18 years old. He was also was born into a gang. Now he is a cold hearted gangleader. He became the gang leader whe...

  • I'm back and better then ever
    44.9K 699 20

    🚨WARNING IT MAY HAVE SWEARING 🚨🚨🚨🚨 "I just want to protect u plz" "protect me where u 3 years ago when I needed u huh" "Plz Charlie listen i-" "Oohhh silly me I forgot u where the person I needed protecting from because my brother my own twin was one of my tormentors one of the people who hurt me so bad ,I...

  • #BS1 I'm Back Bitches(On Hold)
    26.7K 456 21

    Kira Thiamine-Thompson Knight your typical nerd with all her siblings popular from her elder Kendall Kendrick Knight being the youngest richest bachelor in New York and her other siblings who are triplets along with her Kora Thiana Knight and Kieran Kinsman Knight. She moves to Italy after her siblings disgrace her b...

  • I'm back and badder
    23.4K 418 15

    My name is malina and I get bullied I don't know why I get bullied by my brother and his friends but little do they know there in for a surprise

  • The Mafia Leader's Little Biker
    5.2K 63 4

    Jezebel King is the daughter of the most feared gangleader to ever exist. Jezebel was raised around guns, violence, and death. She is a little badass who doesn't take shit from anyone. She is a little trouble maker who loves to cause trouble and fight. Jezebel loves motorcycles and fast cars and anything in between. S...

  • I'm back!
    31.7K 686 16

    "You're boring. And why would I want your boring ass when I could have megan!" he smirked while pushing me to the ground. " You little slut, did you really think he liked you" megan said while slapping me. the whole crowd did nothing but stand there, waiting for me to say something. I looked down and whispered one s...

  • Back and Bad
    36.6K 775 20

    Mia Foster is the schools nerd. One day the bullies went to far and she ran away. Sadly her two brothers bullied her to. She left a note for her family. A year later She's BACK AND BAD.

  • The Good Girl Turns Bad
    16.3K 267 5

    I'm Lola Sanchez. I'm 17 years old and I live with my uncle. My parents died when I was 15 I moved to Bakersfield CA to live with my uncle so happens to be a gangleader. I used to get bullied a lot because I was the fat girl and ugly. I used to be 195 lbs and I was short 5'2 to be exact. Shortly after I moved I got mo...

  • Badass Girl Gangleader
    1.3K 16 6

    Have fun with my first story. please bare with me

    Completed   Mature
  • Captured by the Mafia ♔ Yandere!Akutagawa X Reader
    4.1K 232 4

    In which a member of the Port Mafia gang kidnap a young woman he's been obsessing over. Started: Thursday 5th of September 12:11 P.M. Finished:

  • Y/N's Bizarre Adventure [Various X Reader]
    13.4K 830 6

    When Dio, an Ancient Vampire, charms a school girl visiting Egypt and takes her to his mansion for the sole purpose to bear him a son, she just barely escapes back to Japan and soon stumbles upon four men who are searching for the very same man. She decides to join them on their journey, to aid them in their bizarre a...

  • Lust ♔ Alucard X Reader ♔ Book 1 & 2
    90.2K 3.9K 39

    BOOK 2 - Desire (Alucard X Reader) <-- Added into the book. --------------- ♚Lust. . . The strong sexual desire of the flesh. . .♚ May lust manifest itself into love? Or is it doomed to remain a desire of the flesh only and not of the emotions? (HINTING AT Integra X Reader and Anderson X Reader) --------------- Boo...

  • Supernatural
    3.5K 216 48

    Just read it and find out I'm to lazy to write a description lol

  • A Boarding School for Boys... I'm a Girl (editing)
    118K 2.8K 16

    Jordan is a girl that dremed about to leave her foster family. When she finally escapes to the VW Boarding School she thinks it's just an ordinary school, but a huge surprise awaits for her.

  • I'm an Innocent Girl Thrown Into a Boarding School for Badass Boys. Great...
    948K 22K 34

    Drew Finch has been accused of a crime she didn't commit - murder. As punishment, or as long as investigators wish, she will be attending the Harrison Boarding School for Juvenile Delinquents. There's one catch: it's a reformatory school for BOYS. Now, along with her new friends, Drew will have to deal with boys who a...

  • Hunters, Demons, and Angels (Yandere Various Supernatural X Reader)
    46.2K 1K 11

    (Name) Winchester is Sam's twin sister. When she was brought home Dean swore to protect her and has an obsessive love with her. Sam has one with her to calling her is other half. She grew up as a Hunter. But when she decided to leave home to go to college with Sam. She is pulled in once again. (Name) was born with a...

  • Amazon Obsession: Yandere Wonder Woman X Sister Reader X Yandere DC/Marvel
    17.6K 475 10

    (Name) is a princess just like her sister but she is much younger and has the same powers as her sister, but also has been blessed with Charm. Many Fall for her and will do anything to have her as theirs. Can they capture the Amazon Princess.

  • Obsession Of The Fallen: Various Yandere Lucifer X OC
    11.7K 318 5

    Marie Riveral is a saint of a woman, a woman who has so many fall for her deep into the depths of Obsession.

  • Yandere x Reader // OHSHC
    7.8K 219 4

    Imagine the famous Ouran High School Host Club and all of their friends, all of the humor and misadventures with only one little difference....everyone is absolutely yandere for y-o-u!

  • Once I Met An Angel (Twilight x reader)
    9.5K 265 10

    Once I met an angel and boy was she beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off her but then I sniffed the air and I had felt the biggest rush of emotion that I had ever felt...but then I came to an end when an arrow was shot through her back... everything just went dark I do not own Twilight or you so yeh enjoy the new bo...

  • Obsession in Twilight: Various Yandere Twilight X Reader
    152K 3.6K 19

    (Name) Swan, the younger fraternal twin sister of Bella Swam. She has always had trouble with her older sister. Everyone seemed to love Bella more than her. And Bella and her did not see exactly eye to eye. A lot changes when they move to Forks. For once Bella did not out shine (Name). And that is all (Name) wanted o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Obsessive Love At Bates Motel: Various Yandere Bates Motel X OC
    4.7K 151 4

    Marie was adopted into the Bates family and she was as innocent as could be, to bad that innocence keeps her blinded from the obsessive truth.

  • Teen Wolf Obsession: Various Yandere Teen Wolf X Wiccan/Witch Reader
    12.5K 313 7

    (Name) is Stiles sister, with a big secret, a secret that her mother and her had and now that she has all alone. It is their bloodline, ever female born in her mother side of the family has been a witch. She hides this truth from everyone and hides even more her birth right of love. What will she do when the birth rig...

  • Obsession In Wonderland: Various Yandere Alice In Wonderland X OC (Male Verse)
    3.6K 121 3

    Marie is the sister of Allistor and she wants to have a world of her own, her world wants her as well.

  • The Blood of the Father... (Various Yandere Supernatural X Blessed Reader)
    16.9K 424 5

    (Name) Faith Winchester, that was her name giving to her by her mother Mary and Father John Winchester. She is blessed by the hand of God. A war is coming and (Name) is the only one who can stop it. But she will have trials on her way. Many will fall in obsessive love for her. The girl who was born to save the world...

  • Sucked Into Bleach: Various Yandere Bleach X Reader
    4.1K 150 5

    (Name) was just a normal girl. But one day re watching bleach she is sucked into the world of bleach and it gets worse everyone know who she is and had dreams of her, their obsession for her grows and they will do anything to have her.

  • By Chance: Various Yandere Avengers X Human Reader
    32.6K 689 9

    (Name) Coulsin is the daughter of Phil Coulsin. When one day she is sneaking around she runs into the Avengers, when they meet her they fall into obsessive love with her, doing anything to have her as theirs and theirs alone.

  • The Sister of Black Widow: Various Yandere Avengers X Reader
    23.2K 472 9

    Natasha, she had a sister who she loved with all her heart, before she was taken she lost her sister, who was kidnapped. What Happens when they find her years Later and she has won the hearts of many.

  • The Truth Lies: Yandere Peter Parker X Sister Spider Girl Reader X Yandere Venom
    25.6K 719 12

    (Name) Parker is the sister of Peter Park they are twins and share a big secret, the secret that each has spider Powers, though (Name) was born with hers and Peter got his from a bite. Another thing they share is a enemy. Venom has been fighting them for the last few years and it is exhausting. But there is one thing...