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  • Were-Kaito (Shinkai/Kaishin)
    14.6K 1.3K 44

    Kaito gets a little bit of a furry problem. It was just his luck that he manages to somehow become a mythological creature that's supposed to be extinct. And an omega at that. Things just keep on getting weirder and weirder... There's mutual pinning~ But of course neither of them are going to say something first if t...

  • His Feathers - Magic Kaito
    68.7K 6K 100

    [Book 1] Due to an unfortunate encounter with a magical gem, Kaito grows wings. Deep black ones. Humans don't have wings, fearful of being experimented on or captured by a cult, he hides them. Even from his mother. He hates his wings. Kaito's strange behaviour attracts a certain detective's attention. ALL CHAPTERS ARE...

  • Small Problem
    2.3K 134 6

    Kaito Kid's latest heist is completed without problems until the moment he inspects the jewel. The situation just keeps going downhill from there as he is forced to cope with his smaller and younger hinderance of appearance with the help of his fellow shrunken rival, a redeemed small medicine developer, and an jovial...

  • Our first December (KaiShin, BoyxBoy)
    3.4K 222 5

    A little series of advent stories for every advent weekend with our two cuties Kaito and Shinichi and what they'll experience at their first Christmas as a couple. Kaito is insane as always! Read about what could happen when a magician and a detective wait for Christmas! / KaiShin / Shinkai / a new chapter till christ...

  • Du bist... Kaito Kid... ?
    3.3K 124 1

    „Kaito Kid", flüsterte Shinichi unbewusst und blinzelte ihn verwundert an. Dass er ihm begegnen würde war zwar nicht ausgeschlossen, aber damit gerechnet hatte er nicht wirklich. Immerhin floh dieser doch immer über das Dach mit seinem Hängegleiter. „Was machst du denn hier drinnen? Beinahe hätte ich dich verletzt - u...

  • Verliebter Detektiv #ShinKai
    19.3K 925 9

    Nachdem der Magier unter dem Mondschein, genannt auch Kaito KID, bei einem seiner Diebstähle plötzlich umkippt, nimmt ihn der Oberschülerdetektiv Shinichi Kudo kurzerhand mit zu sich nach Hause. Doch dass er nach diesem Vorfall auf einmal einen ganz anderen Blick auf seinen kriminellen Rivalen bekommen würde, das hatt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind Closed Doors (BoyxBoy, KaiShin)
    2.5K 126 1

    Hattori visits the Kudo mansion while Kazuha visits Ran. But strangely, he can't find Kudo. Suddenly he hears strange sounds from Kudos bedroom... And he listens but he understands it different that it actually is... /one of these 'misinterpretating'-fanfics/shonen-ai/KaiShin (kind of crappy summary, sorry. just give...

  • April Fools!
    1.7K 111 1

    A little oneshot with Kaito and Shinichi, but first a little more focused on Hakuba Saguru. Basicly it tells about what crazy stuff happens to our dear boys at April the first!! KaiShin / ShinKai Boy x boy (duh) Written for April the first 2016! This is also on my account. Link is on my profile. I am Ge...

  • Hiccup (boyxboy, KaiShin/ShinKai)
    6K 235 1

    Kaito has a hiccup. And a hiccup wouldn't be so bad, but because of kaito being who he is, his gadges and trics explode arround him. hes practicly pranking himself! He and Shinichi now seach for a way to cure him and it all beginns with Rans second advice... /KaiShin, ShinKai. Fluff. pre-relationship. R&R! Humor/onesh...

  • Detective Conan: Kaito KID's New . . . . Technique? [ONE-SHOT]
    2.6K 113 1

    The Great Magician under the Moonlight strikes again! When the infamous phantom thief, Kaitou KID claims to steal the world's largest topaz, "The Mischievous Love," he decides to spice it up a bit by sending a secret challenge letter to three great detectives: The British sleuth, Hakuba Saguru; the High school detecti...

  • Fault Dreams of Magic
    999 59 1

    "Please." His voice sounded desperate even to his own ears. "Tell me you didn't get spirited away as well." The mini-tantei released a sigh, rubbing a blood coated hand over his face. Written for Poirot Cafe forum contest #15: AU - Magic - No pairings implied

  • His loving form{Kaishin}
    29.4K 928 12

    [Completed] After being stolen by the phantom thief himself, Conan Edogawa's plans backfire as he is to stay as an personal hostage to the magician until the teen decides to free him. Though his plans of escaping come sharp in ones mind, the way his captor treats him with gentleness seems to interest the boy, as wait...

    Completed   Mature
  • Who is He?
    2.8K 115 2

    Kuroba Kaito knew that Edogawa Conan is NOT an ordinary 7-year old kid who's living in Mouri Detective Agency together with Ran Mouri and the famous Sleeping Kogoro. He knew that Conan is different from any other kids. He is special, he is mysterious, he knew he was hiding something. Who is he? Who exactly is Edogawa...

  • clover | k.s. | hiatus
    9.8K 318 32

    31 • KID's latest heist has awakened an ancient power. Now he finds he's slowly turning into someone (or something) else. He needs to find a way to fix this before he does something he'll regret. ⟡ disclaimers ⟡ story ⚬ © Alshoruzen art cover ⚬ © [ summary changes every update ]

  • Texting -KaiShin
    54.4K 2.5K 29

    Kaito was just wondering on one of the new messaging apps when he stumbled across Kudou Shinichi's profile, and well, he really enjoyed his time texting him after all.

  • In The Abysses OF The Web (Boyxboy, Kaishin)
    1.9K 111 1

    Shinichi got a link from Haibara, leading him to a fanfiction of him and Kaito. Well... bad summary, i know. but more would say too much. just imagine. Shinichi finds a FanFiction of him and his boyfriend. How will he react? ;) I don't own DC or MK. Shounen-ai, boy x boy! I am german, sorry for all the mistakes in the...

  • two riddles in one (kaishin, kaicon)
    232K 8.7K 55

    Kaitou KID, (a.k.a. Kuroba Kaito), has found it really hard to concentrate on heists since his little tantei-kun, (Edogawa Conan a.k.a. kudo shinichi), has been prone to get injured in some way after every heist. Starting to worry if it's because of lack of sleep or something, KID starts observing the eight year old a...

  • Coincidence
    36.7K 1.3K 10

    Kudo Shinichi never expected to discover a dying thief in a dark alleyway. This is a tale of two entwined fate - a lonely detective and an empty theif. How will things turn up when two completely different, yet alike people meet? -------------------------------------------------- This is boy x boy, so if you are not...