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  • In the moonlight - Stiles Stilinski (1)
    71.4K 1.5K 25

    Selene Violet is a werewolf. As a child she was a member of the famous Hale pack, but that was 6 years ago before they were all almost killed in a violent fire. The surviving members of the Hale pack moved away from Beacon Hills in hopes to start a new, but when Laura Hale disappeared, Derek Hale and Selene are dragge...

  • Angel in disguise - Stiles Stilinski (2)
    12.6K 316 20

    Now with the threat of the hunters gone Selene can finally relax. That was until the Alpha pack came to Beacon Hills and threatened to ruin everything all over again. Alongside sacrifices and evil spirits, Selene must discover more about her powers and how to use them and most importantly, how she can help save her fr...