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  • Son of Tharol x Supergirl (TV Show)
    1K 49 2

    There have been rumors of a man with immense power..power beyond anything anyone could ever imagine he just so happen to bump into a certain blonde Kryptonian..

  • Clark and Diana
    10.6K 168 9

    Set in the DC Extended Universe after Justice League, Superman and Wonder Woman fall for each other which complicates their lives.

  • The Mute Sparrow
    79.4K 3.1K 34

    Wade Sparrow is Jack Sparrow's little Twin Brother. Born Mute, he became the World's Deadliest Shooter. The Silent Shooter. He is the most liked of the two due to always being a real Gentleman. Jack is overprotective of him, he values his brother's life more than his. Pirates of the Caribbean by Disney Wade by me.

  • Speed & Power
    10.2K 285 13

    Ryan Weaver is not only the Suicide Squad's newest member but also he's now their resident speedster. Will his head get blown off? Will he get along with the other squad members? Will he fall in love with a certain blonde kryptonian? Read to find out!

  • The Last Chance
    7.2K 170 4

    Based On The Cw Arrowverse Crossovers Elseworlds and Crisis On Earth X "Why were you so afraid to tell me you were falling in love with me?!" " I wasn't just afraid to tell you, I was afraid to fall knowing that you weren't gonna catch me"