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  • Shoot Your Shot|| Lil Uzi + Playboi Carti
    67K 3.5K 19

    Jordan is a basketball player Symere just wants some basketball dick

  • Our Unlucky Stars
    493K 31K 39

    A modern, gay retelling of the star crossed lovers, Romeo & Juliet, about two boys falling in love despite the burden the world and their families put on their shoulders. [Extended synopsis inside]

  • anonymous ✧ multi
    46.6K 3.6K 34

    drama, gossip, and rumors are just a part of the high school experience for most people, and it's no different at northwestern high school. one of the students creates a twitter account where anyone can submit secrets, rumors, or just random thoughts on their fellow classmates. the account starts drama right away as e...

    239K 10.4K 24

    "You don't see shit like that everyday, I know that."

    314K 18.1K 42

    #1 in slumptacion (2022) "Your dick taste like cocoa Butter..." or A tale of a virgin boy who has a high sex drive that happens to meet a sexually experienced classmate, who just wants to be loved. As their 2 worlds clash, they find to be each other's fixes even though this isn't a likely romance. ⚣ ― GAY, BXB ⚤ ― L...

  • sus ✧ multi
    910K 71.2K 170

    where jahseh creates a groupchat with a bunch of other "straight" guys to share memes and jokes but it explodes into a frenzy of feelings, relationships, heartbreak, and of course, homosexuality. [published 7/24/18. finished 1/23/19]

  • izzy. // ybnfuneral
    16.2K 1.5K 21

    in which a teenage boy with avoidant personality disorder suffers from the resentment of a certain someone, but ends up forming an unexpected, but beautiful bond with. -- i am also proud to say that this is the first ybnfuneral book on wattpad and my first time writing a boyxboy book, so i hope y'all enjoy :)) -- @go...

  • Unpredictable Match (Interracial boyXboy)(Mpreg)
    2.5M 90K 80

    Disclaimer: This story is an mPreg story Cameron Alono Smiths is an innocent, sensitive 16 year old boy from L.A . After living in L.A his whole life, his dad gets a new job out in Brooklyn, New York and they have no choice but to move since things are getting hard. Cameron is scared because all he knows is L.A and w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dope Nigga (BxB)
    167K 7.3K 28

    "Daddy was a dope dealer, mama was a dope dealer , daddy fell off then mama started smoking dope while she was pregnant with me maybe that's why I'm such a dope nigga" Life ain't never been that good for Sincere growing up a dope boy without guidance he never envisioned hisself leaving the hood. The hood was all...

  • Unpredictable Match 2
    1M 46.1K 58

    Husband is in prison. Raising two kids on his own. Dealing with loneliness. Dealing with his job. How much can one take? Cameron Alono Jackson was happy- fifteen years ago that is, when he was with his husband and their two kids. That is up until the police caught up to Anthony D'arell Jackson and took him away for...

  • Yours and Mine [MPREG]
    353K 21.2K 41

    Brooklyn x July This is a [MPREG]. This book included fantasy male pregnancy.

    Completed   Mature
    129K 5.6K 20

    "You won't get anywhere in life always worryin' about what the next nigga think about you."