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  • The Professional Lover II (18+) | ✓
    2.8M 84.6K 40

    Grinding on a fat, old man's lap for money wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I left home, but neither was twenty-six thousand dollars per year in tuition and fees. ... Maggie is a college student working as a stripper in Las Vegas when a close friend approaches her with a proposition. High-end escorting. Desperat...

    Completed   Mature
    96.3K 9.7K 17

    "I fought to win you back and now I'll fight to keep you until my last breath." Third book in the DEREK series... 1. DEREK'S MATCH 2. DEREK'S FIGHT 3. DEREK'S FATE

    909K 68.4K 76

    DEREK'S FIGHT...for love -DEREK'S MATCH sequel... I miss her more every day. I remember everything about her. Her eyes, the way her wavy brown hair felt in between my fingers; I remember the perfect shape of her lips-the way they tugged whenever she smiled. I remember each curve of her body and the smell of her skin-t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sparks Fly
    24.9K 1.4K 30

    Lydia McGarth is a woman who is stubborn and strong-willed. Even as a kid she rebelled against the high society setting her parents were grooming her to fit into. She refused to be someone's trophy wife or lap dog. She didn't want any attachments, just a simple life. Then she met him. Dakota Lester, the world's sexie...

    Completed   Mature
  • Violinist (CENTURIES series: Book #4)
    3.4M 202K 36

    "What would you like me to play; The violin or your pussy?" • • • He lived on the street. They called him a tramp. He slept with trash and found his meals in the garbage. Nobody knew who he was. Melody knew the moment she met him, something about him was off. Something about him was missing. Impassive and unpredicta...

    Completed   Mature
  • Golden Boy
    322K 12.5K 26

    When a good boy turns into a bad boy... Ethan Carter was the most popular and successful boy in the world. He was handsome, athletic, smart, caring, thoughtful and compassionate. Being the heir of the most influential family in the world made him more powerful. The paparazzi didn't call him "Golden boy" for nothing. ...

  • Submerged in Your Love (Completed)
    55K 3.5K 29

    Cover by @AndiApplexoxo ****MATURE CONTENT IN BOOK**** ****YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED**** Her world is dark. His is bright. She is like a ray of sunshine. He is like a dark storm cloud. To get involved with each other would certainly end in disaster.... Or would it? Put in each other's lives when they both desperately n...

    Completed   Mature
    926K 48.9K 51

    There's a new app trending... Savannah Garcia regrets moving to New York. What was she thinking? Culinary school seemed like a good idea six months ago when she made the decision but it's tough to be in a big city with endless bills to pay. She misses the beach back in Newport. She misses her parents and her sister a...

  • Storm
    498K 19.5K 33

    Mira Owens had a perfect life: loving parents, her dream job and a handsome fiance, who was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. Despite the fact that it was an arranged marriage, she really liked him. After spending a passionate night with his fiance on his birthday, she felt so happy, but her world turn...

  • Blue Blood
    537K 18.9K 34

    Prince Marcus VI Phillip of Sweden was known as a naughty and daredevil prince. He didn't stop getting himself into trouble. Because of that, paparazzi liked chasing him. There wasn't a single day when he didn't involve in some scandal. Alissa Carter was nothing like a girl he had ever seen before. They were instantl...

  • After Hours
    220K 14.5K 33

    Victoria, a 26 year old medical billing and coding specialist, has had enough with her current position in life. Her boyfriend of six years hasn't been contributing to their relationship, and hasn't worked in months. Every day she comes home from work, he's drunk, his friends are over, and their apartment is a mess fr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kill The Lights
    512K 23.6K 34

    Since high school 25 year old Christian knew how to swoon the ladies, he knew how to draw them in, bring them home and have his way with them. If he wasn't out having one night stands, he would lead a woman on for a couple weeks get them to fall in love with him and then drop them like nothing ever happened between t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stranded with a Stranger
    1M 60.3K 31

    COVER MADE BY SWEETREMIII. Max Ferrero, a man with a chip on his shoulders takes a job on a secluded island, his job is to repair all the cabins before the lodge opens for the summer, a fishing lodge where the wealthy comes to fish and hunt. The perfect place to get away from the world and the people he knew for two m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Evening Romance
    509K 25.5K 34

    Austin and Vanessa have been together for 6 years, since college, Vanessa is 25 and Austin is 28, Austin surprises Vanessa with a 14 night, 15 day Caribbean cruise, Vanessa and her friends believe this is when he finally decides to pop the question. Vanessa is surprised when her best friends decide to surprise her an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Icon
    986K 45.7K 31

    Iris Tremaine is an icon. A fashion icon. At twenty-six years old, she's at the top of the fashion industry, having created a multi-national corporation, designing for both runway and retail. She's one of the richest, most-admired women in the world and yet there's something astronomical missing from her life. Someh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ecstasy Of The Heart
    238K 16.8K 40

    Logan and his bandmates had just finished with their concert and were on their way to the next location when they were in a horrible accident. Logan's bandmates were injured and released days later, but he remained in a coma. After being in a coma for months, his family didn't think he was getting any better and decid...

    Completed   Mature
  • WAVE
    6.8M 252K 61

    What do you do when disaster strikes? You survive. On the night before her entire life changes, Genevieve Harding was walking along the shoreline with a man she'd only just met. Tristan Maddox. A man who grazed the pages of the magazines and newspapers she's read. He was with her...he WANTED to be with her. What she...

  • Between Hate and Love
    1.5M 47.4K 38

    Can your life change in just one night? Eleanor Miller's life turned upside down when her path crossed with Asher Edward Wright. One drunken night changed her whole life. Everything got more complicated when Asher found out that the woman, who he could not get out of his mind, no one else, but the daughter of his fat...

  • She's My Wife
    460K 32.2K 32

    Cover made by JeniRaeD-----------------------------------Carrie Matthews lost her husband, Dante almost two years ago in a plane crash, his body was never found. For over a year she was a mess, depressed and heartbroken with having lost the love of her life. But with the help of her husband's friend she was able to fa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wake Up Call
    11.5M 100K 30

    A broken girl... Twenty years old and I'd finally had enough. I couldn't take anymore, so I packed up my things and disappeared, leaving behind my drunken, abusive father and the mother that stood by and watched as I slowly died. I knew I was going, but not where I'd stop. The last thing I expected once on my own, was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Noah (5th Street series)
    4.9M 167K 46

    Veronica Cruz has been through hell and back. After disconnecting with the world two years ago to be at the side of her dying mother, she's left alone, unemployed, overweight, and feeling a decade older than her twenty-eight years. When her best friend coaxes her into joining the local gym to ditch her depression and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Drenched | ✓
    1M 19.2K 15

    [MATURE CONTENT] "He can't make your body feel the way I can," he breathed, proving his point with a simple flick of his finger as I almost came right then and there. I forced myself to say, "I love him." "No, you don't," he said, easily. "And even if you were with him, you wouldn't be able to go a day without my t...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Personal Bodyguard✔️
    249K 11.8K 30

    Sophia Anderson has always been used to the spotlight because of her famous dad. Choosing to follow her own path, she becomes a famous writer along with her two best friends. The problem is Sophia ends up with an overzealous fan who takes things way too far. Lance Jacobs is hired to protect her as her personal bodyg...

  • In 27 Days (Watty Award Winner 2012)
    40.3M 1.6M 38

    Hadley Jamison doesn't know what to think when she hears that her classmate, Archer Morales, committed suicide. She didn't exactly know him, but that doesn't stop her from feeling like there was something she could have done to help him. So to Hadley's surprise, on the very night of Archer's funeral, she has a r...

  • Theo
    197K 5K 22

    CURRENTLY NOT EDITED! Peyton found herself in a rough spot in her life. Money was tight, she was getting by - barely - but something needed to change. So she decided to move in with her best friend Camryn. Camryn welcomed her best friend with open arms. But with money tight for Peyton, she also had a car that was a p...

    Completed   Mature
  • Platinum Nights (WATTYS 2019 WINNER )
    235K 11K 27

    **WATTYS 2019 WINNER - ROMANCE** Explicit +18 Isa Duarte has been an escort for over ten years now. It's a hard, nerve-wracking job, but she needs the money to take care of her daughter. At 36, she knows her days in this trade are numbered. When she's called in for an urgent job for a Platinum customer, she doesn't he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bring It Hottie - Matt & Brooklyn
    124K 5.7K 25

    Brooklyn Reynolds has everything planned out. Well, her father does anyway. She is undecided and after a life alternating event, she decides she will forge her own way. With Matt Bishop. Despite their efforts forces separate them and stronger forces bring them back together but she's moved on.

    Completed   Mature
  • Found you
    348K 9.3K 12

    Adrianna's wealth was gone and so was she. She got in her car and left with no destination planned. Little did she know her friends sent someone to look after her. She ends up on a ranch cooking and cleaning for them and ends up falling for her protector. Sparks fly when she finds out she has been duped!

    Completed   Mature
  • Twisted
    481K 14.4K 17

    Mia just buried her brother and sister-in-law, inherited their ranch and 3 month baby boy and now finds herself in a cellar with a all too hot Sam hiding from a tornado

  • Run...
    1.1M 25.9K 10

    He's a Navy Seal who constantly is training to be bigger, better, stronger. She's a nobody who sees him out running everyday, rain or shine. Tempted to stop and talk to him, she never worked up the nerve until fate took the decision out of her hands. #wattys2015

    Completed   Mature