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  • Forever Young
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    Due to an overpopulation problem, children under 18 are forced to be evaluated for re-aging. Those who are good, only become teenagers once again. Those who are bad, IE Natalie, must become toddlers. Unbeknownst to Natalie, the changes are permanent if the child is deemed a threat to society. She doesn't know if she'l...

  • Baby Girl
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    Read The Baby Blues and Baby Talk before this story. Sydney is an eighteen year old about to graduate from high school and begin her adult life. After being kidnapped by Garrett and Lori, Sydney soon finds out that her life is about to be changed drastically.

  • The Leaches Little Baby
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    * CURRENTLY EDITING * "Hi my precious baby girl! I'm your mommy! I love you so much!", The lady says, and begins to plant lots of kisses on my face. I shrink back a little.. I'm not used to all this touch.. all of the sudden gentleness and affection. The man speaks up," and I'm your dada. We've been waiting for you...