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  • Before Noon
    205K 16.9K 67

    **A Paid Story** [COMPLETED/WATTYS 2018 LONGLISTED] At noon, disasters sweep the planet. A long-awaited consequence of human wrongdoing - people have tried, but there is no turning back. For taxi driver Isabel Ridley, trying to escape the apocalypse isn't the priority. Escaping the recurring nightmare is. She relives...

  • Turn: Book One of the Time Turner Chronicles
    14.4K 1.4K 29

    Annaliese Stone, a Terif of the Ceilion police, has spent the last year rooting out her enemies. She's ruthless, cunning, and a master manipulator. Her base, the capital of Creose, is the glittering jewel of the Prima Ryst--- and the city's underbelly is crawling with sordid filth that would love nothing more...

  • Wishing Cross Station
    8.5K 697 27

    Retracing a powerful man's footsteps through the past, Keigan finds himself caught in the same dangerous trap: falling in love with a woman he was never meant to know, and unsure he will ever find his way home. Wishing Cross Station is a bittersweet time travel romance from the author of Godspeed and Of Stardust. ~*~

  • The Time-Traveller's Choice
    254K 14K 51

    One moment, Emma Scott is in her college room in 2015, and the next she's in 1921 falling in love with an ex-soldier with a charming smile and a secret... Emma's an old hand at time travel: the first time she was pulled backwards she was ten years old. She can sense the memories that stone, fabric and wood have soaked...

  • The Time Traveller's Ball (The Erik Midgard Case Files Volume 1)
    17K 1K 15

    How do you solve a murder when every single suspect has a time machine? Time-travelling police officer Erik Midgard has a problem. He has seen his own future. His fate is set. There is no way out. There is nothing he can do to escape it. He is going to die. But in the meantime, he has a murder to solve. On the moons o...

  • Jump Line (Book 1 - Jump Line Series)
    139K 9.8K 33

    In San Diego, California, a girl with pale skin and white hair is found walking around the scene of a deadly car accident. She has no injuries, and no history. She simply appeared. Three years later, the girl known as "Esa" still has no memory of what her life was like before the accident, but that changes when a new...

  • The Last Time Keeper
    4.3K 973 71

    Meridian Knowles, the last time keeper of the year 3002, is on the run from the Slayer. She wakes up in the year 1998 with no memory of her past. After stumbling upon Trinity Academy in the hidden country of Eblon, will Meridian remember who she is? Or will she be killed by the Slayer, the person sent to kill her, wit...

  • Kairos
    522K 38.1K 103

    [NEW UPDATE] Time travel isn't just possible, it's been legalized by the US government. Many industries have capitalized on the trend, including dating agencies. Now anyone can travel to the past for their own Regency romance or wild west affair ... for the right price. Formerly "The Kairos Temporal Matchmaking Serv...

  • A Pirate in Time (Completed)
    986K 55.1K 52

    After finally graduating high school, eighteen year old Elizabeth Proctor is pressured into a party at sea. When things go wrong, she finds herself thrown into an entirely different world. Waking up on a pirate ship that sailed hundreds of years before her time, Elizabeth must figure out how to adjust to her new life...