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  • Trouble with Love « O&G »
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    Just something that I'll write when i am bored. it's completely random.

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    Hii Guys❤️, This is first Story on Wattpad. This Story is based of Rikara' life. Hope U guys like my story and will give ur support. Read and Do Vote and Comment ur opinion about my story. Friend of u!!!💕

  • Doli Saja Ki Rakhna
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    story based on a movie 😁. And if anything mistake happens pls forgive me. Because it's frist time I write a story based on a movie.

  • Not the girl you dated (RiKara fan fiction)
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    'It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife'. -Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen Omkara Singh Oberoi has popped the question. It has to be one of the best days of any girl's life. One lucky Gauri Sharma has said 'yes'. However, she couldn't wait...

  • Rikara - Finding Love [✓]
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    "And the Prince and Princess got married, and lived happily ever after in their beautiful castle..." or, did they? A tale of Omkara and Gauri, and their supposed 'happily-ever-after'

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    A single shot on RIKARA.

  • RiKara - Who Are You? [✔️]
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    Few shots on Gauri & Omkara - RiKara ** After getting a face transplant, Omkara sets to avenge the people who turned his whole world a mess. This story would be my version of the South Indian blockbuster, "Yevadu", please shower your love on it ❤️ ____ Cover C...

  • Tied In Knot of Love
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    Omkara Singh Oberoi, a happy-go-lucky spoiled brat and an aimless guy's life turns upside down with an incident ! • • • • • Gauri Kumari Sharma, a focused and sweet girl didn't see her fathers loyalty to the Oberois, unveiling ways to a marriage ! Will this reap into a fruit of 'A bond of love' or ' A bond of burden...

  • Until Perfect Lasts (RiKara)
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    Gauri wanted a break. When pushed to choose between break as a project head of a famous advertising agency or break as a wife and mother, not so subtly, she chooses break from the latter. And she is granted the same. Her husband and two daughters pack their bags and make their way to pre-planned summer vacation withou...

  • My Nepenthe
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    Nepenthe-- a fictional medicine for sorrow, pain. "Drug of forgetfulness" My take on the "inspiration" scene and what should follow it. Show related fiction....

  • Lollipop (RiKara OS)
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    Gauri had come to Oberoi House to help her best friend with his exams. But he abandons her to go for a party, and it is his brother, Omkara who decides to give her company.

  • Rikara FF : Just Married
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    Omkara and Gauri are complete strangers and they are married, and Omkara has to hide his marriage from his family while she lives in the outhouse as his friend's sister. Slightly inspired from the Malayalam movie Meleparambil Aanveedu All Cover Courtesy : ImOrginal aka Nithya

  • Destined Soulmates
    1.8K 206 3

    Two different lives connected to each other in a way which wasn't close but can't be ignored. An accident brings them together tied in a knot which they weren't ready to accept. But one innocent life made them do things, they never thought they could do. An emotional journey of two persons which led to a destiny.

    Completed   Mature
  • The boss and his baby #ishqbaaaz
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    #6 IN FANFICTION !! (ON HOLD) A journey of two couples who meet as a boss and employees and end up being life partners ! (Here Baby means a slang word for their lady love )

  • My Handsome Kidnapper
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    Omkara Singh Oberoi a billionare who falls in love with Gauri Shekhawat but she was proposed by a man which angered Om and he kidnapped her so that no one can snatch her from him. Gauri Shekhawat a teenager studies in college.She is crazy , funny and also sweet.She is kidnapped by Omkara .Amd she hates him for that...

  • Tears Of Pain & Happiness ❤️💖 (On Hold)
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    This is a Rikara TS. It revolves around d pain, sufferings & misunderstandings of Omkara & Gauri. Let's see whether they will come together clearing their misunderstandings or not....

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    This is just Few Shots story about Happily Married Rikara and their simple day to day moment of their life.

  • marriage made in heaven #rikara
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    5 characters in the story hope you like it, mature content if you don't like don't read Summary- A young girl is forced into a marriage with a man who seems as cruel as her father. Disclaimer- I don't own Omkara singh oberoi . This is just another story as a result of too many late nights spent listening to my music (...

  • Saathiya Rikara
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    A 17 years girl, Gauri comes to stay in her sister's home for a vacation after completing her Junior College. things turned upside down when she started to develop a different kind of feeling for someone in her sister's home. A 21 years boy, Omkara felt an attraction towards an innocent beauty, he had felt it before t...

  • My Tomboy Girlfriend
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    Cover Credits to @luckykr13 Omkara Singh Oberoi, The youngest CEO of Oberoi Industries at the age of 26 and the most eligible bachelor, every maiden dreams about but he hates women with a passion and can't even tolerate their presence near him. On the other hand Gauri Sharma, A cute and bubbly Tomboyish 19 year old g...

  • My Secret Admirer😊😍💖 (On Hold)
    4.6K 501 9

    This is a Rikara SS. The story mainly revolves around Omkara Singh Oberoi & Gauri Kumari Sharma. This story is completely different from the show. Gauri will be pursuing her internship in Oberoi Industries under Tej Singh Oberoi & Omkara will b secretly liking her without her knowledge😉❤️. How will he win her heart...

  • The Truth
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    Imagine if Om never went back to Kaali's haveli once Kaali captured Gauri a.k.a his ex best friend Chulbul. Imagine if 11 months later, Om-Gauri meet again and for once Om hears Gauri's side of the story. There's more than just one side to the story A point of view, you can't keep ignoring What's Gauri's side of the s...

  • Ham royenge itna Hame Maloom Nhi Tha-(when love gives only pain)
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    it is painful os of rikara😈😈 know more kood pado story me 😁😋😋

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    is death will separate true love...if it is no..............................................then they will surely come back by taking another birth............................................. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Beyond Control
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    Indian Awards :- First place in romance category Galaxy Awards :- Runner up for best title contest ******** Have you not heard about the term bro-code If you have ,you must very well know the top most code in the list of bro-codes will always be 'best friend's sisters are off limits ' So lets see how beyond control is...

  • A Shady Plot
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    The writer Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi was told by his employer to write a ghost story. But unlike always, no plot pops up in his head!!!! What will happen when he encounters with a ghost and is shocked with her revelations??? How will this affect his marital life??!!! Peep in PEEEPPZZZ to know more!!! *winks* Note: Ins...

  • Niyati Jo Hamne Banaye.
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    rivanya ss it's the first time I wrote about them.

  • siyappa ishq ka 😘
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    Rikara love story When two different people met and They fall in love with each other 😘

  • Love me like you do (On Hold)
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    A Rikara story... What if Gauri lived on Earth and Om on Venus?? All the children HATED her and only omru were her friends.... Initially he falls for her and the day he was about to confess she had to go back to earth Will he confess? Will she go? Peep in to know more

  • Rikara:- Destiny
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    OMKARA SINGH OBEROI:- A millionaire and the cold hearted businessman, CEO of Oberoi's Enterprises. He has no time for LOVE,a workaholic and the most breath taking man ever... GAURI KUMARI SHARMA:- A sweet and bubbly middle class girl, she is appointed as the personal assistant (PA) of the CEO of Oberoi's Enterprises,s...