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  • Muslim Academia
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    A book of ideas and resources for Muslims.

  • The Fitnah of Islamic Stories
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    Do not let your book be a reason for Allah to be upset with you. The fundamental issue of the growing library of Islamic books on Wattpad is the spiritual accuracy of the concepts that they explore. The reason I'm writing this book is because I've come across too many mistakes in Islamic books, particularly the roman...

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    (completed) ✔️ Stories about female companions of prophet muhammadh sallallahu alaihi wasallam... Vote 🌟 & comment 💭 And.. if there are any mistakes please let me know😊

  • A Blissed and Blessed Arafah
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    A story for you, dear, who are struggling to remain steadfast, striving to please Allah, yet failing every now and then. A story to give you hope and reassure you that all shall go well, and you shall reach Jannah, for that's where Allah Himself loves to see you. Here is the summary: When Arafah's mom is forced to cho...

  • Islamic Stories,Rays of Guidance ✓
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    Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh In this book, You'll find : ✓ Bedtime Stories for kids ✓ Stories of Repentance ✓ Stories of Reverts ✓ Stories of Prophets ✓ Stories with a hidden meaning The stories will be taken from different Sources (Authentic) and posted, In sha Allah...

  • Islam is my Life
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    + Step by step becoming a practising teenager! These are all the 'Islam is my Life'-episodes from my book 'You, my punishment'. I wrote in a few chapters Islamic notes in the end with meaningful words. I decided to put all of them in a collection so that you can search through them easily. 'Islam is my Life' is about...

  • Mornings In Makkah (#wattys2018)
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    In burning silence and endless desert, there is some movement upon the horizon. Moving shapes, appearing and disappearing in the shimmering light. It is a lonely caravan of three, slowly making their way along the dunes, sand crunching under their soles and the sun flaming above their heads. What could have brought th...

  • And Remind | Book of Islamic Reminders and Motivational Messages
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    A book by the #MUTeam full of Islamic reminders and motivational messages ;D | Updated weekly |

  • Islamic Pearls of Inspiration
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    In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Islamic pearls of Inspirations is a combination of quotes, hadiths, Qur'an verses to inspire you and to increase your faith, In sha Allah. ©2014 Cover: Zammurad

  • The Dua Book
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    A collection of dua's (coming soon). Cover made by @Zammurad - check out her book Graphic Composition that contains here amazing works:

  • The Boy Who Prayed
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    A short story about a nineteen year old who struggles with his salah. Basically, this is just a little reminder for you and myself in shaa Allah. May Allah make us one of those who not only offer prayers five times a day but with highest level of khushoo. Ameen.

  • Women in Islam
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    what our religion really says about us.

  • Story Of Jannah
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    1.Description of the Jannah(Garden). 2.The rewards of Jannah. 3.The level of Jannah. E.t.c. ***** Please read the book and don't forget to vote/comment/share.

  • Pray (A collection of short Islamic stories)
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    A collection of Islamic short stories. They dont all have to do with prayer but the first one does... Pray This heart wrenching Islamic short story is about two best friends who come face to face with death. Aalia and Sabrina have been friends since they were toddlers, but as they grew up they began to take their own...

  • How Science Proves Islam
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    If you believe, please proceed. If you don't, this may or may not benefit you. Includes facts side-by-side with Quranic Ayaat and Ahadeeth. Warning: May trigger the ignorant (both the idiot and the knowledge-less) ------- My conclusion after much observation, research, and contemplation: Logic can be flawed, so it is...

  • Why Muslimah?
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    Why we muslim girls do not walk away from Islam even after many people claim our rights are violated..... NO IMAGES USED IN THIS WORK ARE MINE if you find any mistake in this work , please be kind enough to let me know

  • When I see the moon
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    What do you think of when you see the moon?

  • Write for Allah
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    Do you write to gain the Pleasure of HIM Who gave you the ability to write? #WINNER Alhamdulillah ❤ #TMCContest2k16

  • Must read islamic short stories
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    Bismillah Rabbi zidnee Ilman "My Lord! Increase me in my knowledge" Assalamualikum everyone I'm going to write some Islamic short stories these stories always inspired me to move on and more important is that, these stories helps me to get closer to Allah(SWT), whenever I'm feeling low or something like that. And mos...

  • Simply Islamic Poetry
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  • Innate Hope
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    Life is full of hardships but one thing is for sure, if you remember Allah, you will never be alone. "...And He (Allah) is with you wherever you are..." (Qur'an 57:4) This story is inspired by many aspects of Islam such as fitrah (Innate belief of Allah), the purpose of life and how one can find peace. "Verily, in the...

  • Pearls Of Al Quran
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    This book is just a little something to tell you how many benefits there are for you in just ONE Surah Subhaan ALLAH! So many benefits for us in THIS world and the hereafter In Shaa ALLAH! The Qur'an is the book of ALLAH (SWT) it was revealed to Our Beloved Nabi Muhammad (SAW) The Qur'an contains the Key to your Happi...

  • Unapologetically Muslim
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    Why do I choose to be a Muslim? Why do I believe in Islam? All the answers you need can be found in this book!

  • Qiyamat
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    Quran For All - In Every Hand, In Every Heart. Qiyamat In the light of the Quran and Sunnah

  • Quran Verses
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    ❝And remind, for truly the reminder benefits the believer.❞ a compilation of some of my favorite verses from the Quran.

  • The path of Islam ✨
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    Islamic reminder book which contains a lot of helpul stories including the story of Iblis on how he became Shaytaan and the stories of the Prophets (May peace be upon them). - There's also a bunch of reminding stories for you to always remind you about the existence of Allah, The Creator of the whole universe. Pl...

  • Diamond in the Sky (Islamic Poem)
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  • Jannah...
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    A poem that teleports you to a whole different world... Read on to find out..

  • Islamic Stories And Advices
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    Assalamu alaykum and hello! Thanks for reading my book and the stories I once collected 🤗 I am not the author of the stories and I don't own them, so you can share them all the way you want 😊 I hope the stories are helpful to you as they are to me, especially at times when our Imaan is not as high as we actually wan...

  • How To Be A : Better Muslimah
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    All female Muslims are considered Muslimahs. But not all of our Muslimahs have knowledge on many important things that should be known. This book is a guide to help all the women that partake in our sisterhood, and just a guide of advice you may need to become a strong and better believer of Islam. ©muslimbeliefs 2015...